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About Think Protection Home Monitoring & Alarm Systems

Think Protection home security is a new alarm company providing the highest level of home security throughout the United States and Canada. With more than 125 years of combined experience in the home security industry, the team at Think Protection understands what’s required to provide the best security at the best price.

Think Protection was founded by Joel and Adam Matlin. Joel Matlin, the founder and former President and CEO of AlarmForce and the founder and former President of Frisco Bay Industries, is regarded as an icon in the security industry. The name Joel Matlin is synonymous with top-quality home security. As the President and CEO of Think Protection, Joel wants to change how North Americans secure their homes and their families. By offering a cutting-edge, feature rich home alarm system that comes with no annual contract and is priced lower than any other company, Think Protection has set itself apart from any of its competitors.

Like his father, Adam Matlin is a leading innovator in the home security field, with a proven track record of growing home-security companies with inventive sales and marketing strategies. The Matlin’s, along with the rest of the Think Protection team, want to disrupt the home security industry. Our goal is to offer a better security system, with more features and at a lower price, than other home alarm companies. And we don’t require our customers to sign an annual contract!

Our lowest priced/highest value home alarm system and best customer service in the industry is why Think Protection is the fastest growing home alarm company in North America!

Call 1-855-76-THINK to see why we are your best choice to protect your home and family!


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