What Are 3 Home Security Life Hacks?

3 HOME SECURITY LIFE HACKS_01A-01We all want to live securely in our homes. A home alarm system is a key to protecting our loved ones and valuables, but there are other simple things you can do to add an increased level of security. Here are 3 simple home security life hacks.

Keep Your Valuables Somewhere Other Than Your Bedroom

Regardless of how a burglar gets into your home, the place they want to target is your bedroom as they know that’s where the vast majority of people keep their valuables. Jewelry, cheques, cash and other items of value can be found in most people’s master bedroom. A great and easy security life hack is to keep these items somewhere else in your home. Hide them in a different room. Keep things hidden somewhere creative. Don’t use your drawer in your bedroom or your closet as that’s the first place a burglar will look when they break into your home. Be clever, smart and sneaky and outsmart any would-be burglar!

Get A Dog (Or Pretend You Have One)

While a home alarm is the best way to deter a burglar (homes with alarm systems are 3-times less likely to have a break-in that those without), another great deterrent is having a dog. While having a dog may not be for everyone, making it seem like you have one (even if you don’t) can be a great deterrent. Keep a dog bowl outside your home or get a “Beware of Dog” sign. In some cases, perception is just as important as reality, and a burglar will move on to the next home if they believe that a large dog is present inside a home. Nobody wants to be bitten by a guard dog.

Light Up The Night!

While most break-ins happen during the day, a large number happen at night as well. With that in mind, a great deterrent is lighting. Either use full-time external lights outside your home. Motion detected lights are also great, as they’ll use less energy and keep your bills low. Make sure you have proper lighting since no burglar wants to get caught a home that’s well lit will usually make the burglar think twice about attempting to break in.

When protecting your home and family, always Think Protection and take the necessary steps to maximize your security!