5 Former AlarmForce Customers Explain Why They Switched To Think Protection

Do you have an AlarmForce home alarm system and are thinking of switching over to Think Protection? Here are a few AlarmForce reviews of former customers who made the switch and are now protecting their homes and families with Think Protection. and are saving hundreds of dollars!

– Christopher B (Etobicoke, ON): We are pleased with the product and service we have received. It will prove to be an appreciable saving from our previous arrangement with AlarmForce. We were with them for 20 years and they gave us no consideration for our loyalty. We probably paid for the somewhat primitive system 10 times over and still had to return it when we terminated our contract with them. I feel much of their downhill skid is directly related to Joel Matlin no longer managing their affairs. Thank you again.

– David C (Edmonton, AB): I am really happy with my purchase in Think Protection. When I talked to AlarmForce about cancelling and switching to Think Protection, they tried to convince me that I had to do the install and configuration myself, and that it was very complicated. However, my real experience was it was VERY easy to install and I was never left on my own, as the instructions have you call in when you’re ready and they help you through a very simple process of enrolling my sensors into the system. It was actually easier to set up the new Think Protection system than it was to cancel my old AlarmForce system! I would recommend this system to anyone. The monitoring is half the price of my old AlarmForce system and it has so many more features. I thought the upfront cost was very reasonable. I also like that I can buy Z-wave devices from Think Protection (or from third parties) and they will be compatible with this system.

– Keith C (North York, ON): My family and I are very glad we switched to Think Protection. The value is unbeatable. We are former Rogers Home Monitoring and AlarmForce customers so I am quite aware of the prices these competitors charge, their product, as well as their customer service. To reduce our monthly expenses, we were looking for a reliable home alarm system that was not dependent on a land phone line. After learning about your product through your sales representative on the phone, we felt that Think Protection was the right product and service for us. We have had friendly and patient service from all of your representatives with no overselling. The great thing about your products is that they are highly customizable and very simple to set up – basically, peel and stick the contacts up at each location while a live agent walks you through the process – they verify that there is good contact and signal strength – and your done. Being able to access our system over the internet is also a great feature. Thank you for following up and for the terrific customer service. It has been a pleasure so far.

– Gordon O (Leduc, AB): Overall, I am satisfied with the systems form Think Protection for both my residence and the business. I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback. I am happy with the system over all and think it is a well-designed, good system, definitely an upgrade from my previous AlarmForce system.

– Danny P (Ste-Anne-de Bellevue, QC): I had a very bad experience with Alarm Force in the past with false alarms and being unable to turn off the system and eventually stopped using it all together. I must say I was impressed with the initial setup of the system and also the installation was very easy. The system seems to work well and I really love the smart phone application and control.

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