5 Questions To Ask DIY Alarm Companies

Getting a home alarm is easier now than every before thanks to DIY security. A do-it-yourself home alarm provides fantastic protection at a low price. And with DIY alarm systems there is no waiting for an installer. Not all DIY alarm companies offer similar values or equipment. Here are 5 questions to ask DIY alarm companies before you choose how to protect your home and family.

  1. What are you getting with the alarm package?
  2. What is the contractual term?
  3. Is the mobile app free?
  4. Is there a price raise after the contractual term?
  5. What other services can be offered?

Equipment – First, ask what comes with the package. Which equipment does the alarm system include? It’s important to truly understand what you are getting. More equipment is not always the best solution for your home, so don’t think that you need tons of equipment for quality protection. Make sure there are motion detectors and door contacts in the alarm package. These two pieces of equipment are essential. There may be an upfront cost, but this is means that you most likely will not be locked into a contract.

Contract – Avoid signing a contract since there is no reason for any customer of a DIY alarm company to be locked into a contract. Alarm companies without contracts are forced to provide consistently good service at all times. And if the customer is unhappy then the customer can cancel service at anytime.

App – Most alarm systems have mobile apps. These apps let you control yours system through your smartphone or table from anywhere. They provide great security and ease of use. Long story short, apps rule. If the DIY alarm system you are thinking of getting doesn’t come with an app, then don’t get it. Plus, apps should be included free with the monthly monitoring.

Price Raise – If you are going with a DIY alarm company that has a contract, ask what happens after the contractual term ends. Does the company lock in a monitoring price. You might think you will be paying the same after your contract expires, but you’d be wrong. Prices will rise significantly when you are out of contract! Read the fine print of the contract and you’ll see they will rise. This is another reason why you shouldn’t agree to any alarm contract. Avoid them like the plague and go with an alarm company that will not lock you down.

Other Services – Does the alarm company offer other services? Can you add cameras, home automation and additional equipment at anytime? And what are the costs for each? Do the cameras require wiring and are they indoor or outdoor cameras?

There are many DIY alarm companies out there, but they aren’t all the same. Do your research by using the information above. This will help you make the best choice for your home and family.