What Are 6 Home Alarm Myths?

You try to always protect your family. You worry about them when they’re away from home and when they are you think you’ve done everything in your power to keep everyone safe. However for one reason or another you haven’t gotten a home alarm system. You keep saying that you don’t need one. The truth is every home should be protected with an alarm system.

Here are 6 home security myths that prove why you do need a home alarm system:

1) My Dog Can Protect Me Better Than An Alarm System

Dogs are effective, however pets can be incredibly easy to bypass. Thieves can distract, restrain or even injure your animal. Sadly, no dog is bulletproof. Plus, in the event of an emergency, beyond a bark, your dog can’t notify anyone beyond those in your home (can’t call the Police or other first responders). A monitored alarm system connects you with our central station 24/7, and can start dispatch procedures when necessary.

2) I Have A Gun So I Don’t Need An Alarm System

While gun ownership does provide a certain level of peace of mind, every gun owner hopes they hope to never have to use it. Unlike a gun, home security systems are designed to deter someone from initially coming into your home. Decals and lawn signs make would be burglars aware that you have a monitored alarm system. Secondly, home alarm systems detect when someone is there. The goal is to get the burglar out of your home quickly and effectively – so no firearms need to be used. This shows the power of an alarm system.

3) I Don’t Have A Home Phone Line So I Can’t Get A Monitored Alarm System

Historically, the only way that you could have a monitored alarm system was if it was connected to a landline. Nowadays, security systems can offer a home alarm system that goes through either GSM or broadband, where you don’t need a home phone line to be connected to a central station.

4) Alarm Systems Are Hard To Use

New home alarm systems are easy to use, where within minutes not only are you up and running but also you can control your system and change settings easily either through your keypad, through a mobile app or through a secured website.

5) I Live In A Safe Neighbourhood So I Don’t Need An Alarm System

People assume that security systems are only necessary if you live in “bad” or “dangerous” neighbourhoods. The truth is that all neighbourhoods need home security. You never know which area a burglar is targeting. Just because a break-in hasn’t happened in your neighbourhood doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future. People who feel that they live in a safe area may leave their doors and windows unlocked – making their house an extremely easy target. Aside from preventing the break-in, alarm systems offer peace of mind knowing that you are protected at all times.

6) I Can’t Afford A Monitored Home Alarm System

People who believe this myth haven’t done enough research on home alarm companies. You don’t have to feel pressured to lock yourself into an expensive multi-year contract and pay installation fees. Shop around – you’ll realize that you can find affordable rates with the most innovative technology. At Think Protection, we offer the lowest monthly monitoring rate of just $12.99 – with no annual contract! Our wireless monitoring system (with the best technology) is just $199.99 upfront. You can’t beat our value, and we provide unparalleled peace of mind giving you the power to cancel if you are ever unhappy.

Now that you know these 6 concerns are nothing but myths, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 1-855-76-THINK (1-855-768-4465) and don’t forget to check out our online store, Facebook and Twitter.