Cottage Security: 6 Measures All Owners Should Take

Cottage owners are aware of the dangers of owning property that is more often than not vacant. There will be many days, possibly even months, where the property is left alone, making it extremely vulnerable to break-ins and thefts.

But vacancy isn’t the only reason you need to make sure the place is secure. With so many cottages built in a far proximity of their neighbors, they make easy targets for those looking enter and exit premises undetected. If you’re without a security system, you may come to enjoy your time at the cottage only to find that it was broken into, robbed or vandalized.

There are many ways you can deter a criminal from focusing on your cottage, whether you’re there or not.

  1. Install a home security system. Have cameras, monitors and motion detectors around the property. Through your mobile device or other Internet-based electronic, you can monitor your cottage from afar. Even before incident, things like motion-activated lights will scare burglars off of the property.
  2. Have neighbors nearby the cottage keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and make sure they have a way of contacting you in case of an emergency.Not only will getting to know your neighbours make your cottage weekends more enjoyable, but keeping in touch to let them know when you are/aren’t there will allow for red flags to be raised if they see lights on when you’re not expected.
  3. If you have yet to purchase a cottage, but plan on it, find one within a tight-knit, safe community. Some are even protected by controlled access and gates. This automatically serves as extra protection when you aren’t around.If you can’t afford a cottage in such a well-secured area, ensure you’re still looking into the crime rates in the areas you are looking to purchase it. If it has a history of break-ins and robberies, move on to another area. The safety of you and your family isn’t worth a well-priced cottage.
  4. Don’t leave an extra key anywhere near or on the property. If you must, give a spare key to someone near the cottage that you can trust.
  5. Don’t leave any valuables in the cottage when you are not there. Take anything that might be of importance or of value back to your place of residence when you leave. If you have entertainment systems that can’t easily be transported, at the very least keep them out of view from windows.
  6. Have someone check on the cottage for you when you can’t be there. Even after a robbery has taken place, the property can still look fine from the outside. Have a neighbour stop by if you’re unable to get to the cottage for extended periods of time to ensure nothing is out of place.

Protect your cottage to the best of your ability. Always try to make it look like it’s occupied and install a reliable security system as early as possible to keep your valuables, and your property, safe.