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BCE Purchases AlarmForce

Big news in the Canadian security industry. BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) has purchased AlarmForce, one of Canada's largest home security providers. The deal was announced November 6th. BCE paid $16 per share, $166 million dollars. This is 71% over where AlarmForce...

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Nest Secure – What Is It And How Does It Compare?

Nest recently announced they have gotten into the alarm space with Nest Secure. This new home alarm product is available for pre-order. What is Nest Secure? How does it compare with other alarm systems? Nest Secure is a home alarm system. It is DIY and includes...

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Simplisafe – What Are The Steps To Cancel Your Account?

Are you a Simplisafe alarm customer and are looking to cancel your services? Not happy with your Simplisafe service? Well the process of canceling your Simpisafe security system isn't very difficult. Here's how to cancel your Simpisafe alarm system: Simplisafe has no...

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AlarmForce Loses Over 4000 Customers In Nine Months

AlarmForce announced their quarterly numbers on Monday, September 11th and one of the highlights is the fact they have lost over 4000 customers in the first nine months of this fiscal year. The truth is that AlarmForce lost significantly more than this. The 4000...

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SimpliSafe vs Think Protection: 3 Major Differences

SimpliSafe and Think Protection are both home alarm companies that serve customers throughout North America. Both popular companies offer low priced do it yourself security solutions. Both companies require no contractual commitment. But while somewhat similar, there...

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Is AlarmForce Going Out Of Business?

AlarmForce is a Canadian home alarm company. With close to 30 years in business, they have approximately 100,000 customers in Canada. Once regarded as a growing, successful company, AlarmForce has seen its growth stop and profits lower. Last month AlarmForce announced...

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Nest Cam Review – What Is It And Is It Worth The Price?

Nest Cam is a video surveillance system by Nest (parent company Google). It's a self-installed camera that comes in different designs for inside or outside your home. Can Nest Cam properly protect your home and is it worth its expensive price? Installing Nest Cam is...

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AlarmForce Sells USA Customers To Select Security

Recently AlarmForce sold their US accounts to Select Security. AlarmForce has approximately 30,000 US customers. These accounts will be transferred to Select Security. It's unknown when servicing by Select Security will begin. Why did AlarmForce sell their customer...

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What Is Aura By Cognitive Systems?

Aura is a new home alarm system created by Cognitive Systems, based out of Waterloo Ontario. Aura is a different kind of home alarm system. Cognitive Systems say that with Aura only two pieces of equipment can protect a 2500 sq ft home. Aura is definitely different...

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ADT & Their Free Equipment Dealer Scam

ADT's dealers are back at it, trying to deceive people with "free" equipment. This is a scam though. A blatant attempt to fool people into thinking they are getting something for free. The ADT home security "free" equipment scam sent by a dealer can be seen below. The...

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