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ADT’s dealers are back at it, trying to deceive people with “free” equipment. This is a scam though. A blatant attempt to fool people into thinking they are getting something for free.

The ADT home security “free” equipment scam sent by a dealer can be seen below.

The equipment is only given to the customer if they agree to pay three years of monitoring at an incredibly high price. To truly be free something has to be given without any strings. This is a marketing ploy. A scam. So in order to get this “free” system, you have to pay $27.99/month plus $99 upfront for installation – $1106.64! Not exactly free, right?

Another issue with this scam is a price is given to the alarm system. The ad says you’ll get $850 worth of equipment. The issue is that the company, ADT dealer Protect Your Home, has never charged a customer that amount for the system. It’s an arbitrary value. Fictitious, as they never offered it.

ADT Home Security also has a point in their three-year contract that they reserve the right to raise monitoring prices at any time. This isn’t mentioned in the promotional material. Another way they mislead.

It’s important to understand this ad was created by an ADT dealer. ADT dealers work as an independent third party. They market and sell on their own. Once the sale is done, they sell the contract to ADT.

The issue with ADT dealers is that they’ll say and do anything to get a sale. This is because once they get the sale, ADT does the servicing. The dealer is paid and goes to the next sale. This leads to lots of misleading promises. And sometimes outright lies.

Remember, if things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Free in home security always comes with strings. ADT dealers understand that the word free is powerful. They expect potential customers to focus more on that then the high monthly monitoring rate they’ll be forced to pay over the long-term contract.

When choosing an alarm company, do your research. Don’t get fooled by gimmicks. Scams are all around, so do your homework. Read the fine print of any contract you’ll be signing.

ADT Home Security and their Free Equipment Dealer Scam