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Blog – Alarm Equipment

Equipment how-tos and usage ideas

Why Do You Need A Monitored Smoke Detector?

Fire protection is needed in all homes. Fires are incredibly damaging and because of this, a monitored smoke detector is an essential tool to combat them. Most home alarm companies offer monitored smoke detectors. Here are a few reasons why you should add one to your...

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Think Protection’s New Wireless Outdoor Camera

We are pleased to announce our newest product – Think Protection Battery Powered Wireless Outdoor Camera! With the Think Protection Wireless Outdoor Camera you'll be able to see outside your home through your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Our...

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Fire Protection & Your Home Alarm System

Home alarm systems are, as we’ve discussed, not just about intrusion detection. Another very important role that residential security technology can play in your peace of mind is to detect certain conditions in your home. One of the most important of these is fire...

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What’s A Remote Emergency Panic Button?

A remote emergency panic button is a great piece of equipment to add to any home alarm system. At the push of a button, you can trigger your alarm system. This sends a signal to a monitored central station. Quick and effective, it's a great addition to any alarm...

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Choose The Best Business Security System For Your Office

Selecting a business security system, especially if you are an owner, should be considered a necessary cost of doing business. Protecting your property and your livelihood, as well as your company's reputation, is necessary to staying in business and staying...

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Is A Home Alarm Lawn Sign Important?

You just signed up for an alarm system. You're excited since you know your home now has an extra level of protection. You have video, cellular backup, and home automation, you're fully protected, right? You've decided though against putting up a lawn sign in front of...

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Can My Alarm Company Listen In With Two-Way Voice?

Two-way voice home alarm monitoring means that in the event of a home alarm signal, the home is connected to a central station where the monitoring operator can listen inside the home and voice threaten the intruder out through a two-way voice speaker. This connection...

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What Is Two-Way Voice Monitoring And Do I Need It?

Live two-way voice monitoring is a type of home alarm monitoring, where if the alarm is triggered a live link is established between the home and a monitored central station. At that point, the monitoring station can listen inside the house through a two-way voice...

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How Are Home Alarms And Commercial Alarms Similar?

The basic principles of security often apply to both home and commercial premises. If you’re looking into ways to make your home safer, it’s a good idea to observe what businesses are doing to prevent theft, vandalism, and break-ins. Advanced commercial security...

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Which Is Best: Motion Detectors Or Entry Contacts?

Home alarm systems come with a variety of hardware. Two of the mainstays of home alarm packages are motion detectors and entry contacts. Both provide a valuable service and together add increased security to a home security system, but independently which provides...

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