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3 Things A Burglar Knows That Homeowners Should Know Too

Break-ins happen. It doesn't matter where you live, your home could be broken into. It's important to think like a burglar when figuring out the best way to protect yourself. Here are 3 things that burglars know that all homeowners need to know too. 1 - Choose The...

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Explaining Calgary Police’s New Alarm Dispatch Rules

The city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada has recently changed their rules in regards to dispatching police cars to homes that have home alarm signals. With the new rule, when a home alarm is triggered within the city limits of Calgary, there needs to be verification that...

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Toronto Police Begin Using Bodycams

Starting Monday, May 18th, 2015, a small test group of Toronto Police will begin using bodycams. These small cameras will be situated on the police officers and will be turned on throughout the day, whenever the police officer is in contact with a civilian. Cameras...

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Two Wanted In Break & Enter, Police Chase In Burlington

Two criminals are being sought in a break-in and police chase that happened in Burlington, Ontario. Halton Police are looking for a man and woman who are responsible for this Toronto crime. The couple broke into a home, where they were confronted by the homeowner. The...

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4 Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Car

The Toronto Star recently published an article focused on a string of recent car thefts around the city of Toronto. High-end cars like Lexus and Mercedes are being targeted throughout the city. While you can never 100% protect yourself from theft, there are certain...

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Do I Need An Alarm If I Live In A “Safe” Neighborhood?

One of the main reasons people get a home security system is to protect both their families and their property. People sometimes get the mistaken belief, however, that security systems are only needed in "bad" or dangerous neighborhoods. Many people believe they live...

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Why Is It Important To Think Like A Burglar?

For most people it’s hard to get inside the mind of a burglar, so we have difficulty thinking like they do. To be “successful” a lot of burglars use scams to help. One such scam is for the burglar to pose as a representative from a utility company or some other...

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