Do You Need A Local Home Alarm Company?

You are thinking of getting an alarm system and have contacted multiple companies. You like the idea of a local company protecting your home and family. Does it matter though where the alarm company is located? Does a company with no brick and mortar in your city provide inferior protection?

The answer is that it doesn’t matter where your alarm company is located. With technology being so sophisticated, a non-local security company can provide the same level of protection as a local company.

Let’s create an example to highlight this. You live in Montreal and want your home protected. Let’s first see what happens with a local company. Someone comes to your home and tells you what you need. They then do the installation of equipment. The equipment is now set up and you are protected with a monitored alarm system.

Now we’ll do the same scenario with a company that’s not local. You’re in Montreal and want your home protected. You call a DIY alarm company. Over the phone they ask you multiple questions about your home. They assess your security needs. The company then sends your equipment to you. You call the alarm company up and they do the installation over the phone. You test the equipment with them. The alarm is now active and you’re protected with a monitored alarm system.

The big difference between the two is the person coming to your home twice in the first example. This may seem advantageous… but it’s not. All it does is add cost. With technology now anyone can do an installation. Plus over the phone your location can be assess properly. The positive with over the phone is there’s nobody also onsite upselling you equipment you don’t need.

Once the system is installed, the transmission of alarm signals is identical because the equipment’s the same (or at least similar). If the central station is located in North America then it can provide fantastic response. A Central Station located next door doesn’t do anything more than a Central Station located thousands of miles away. A phone call is a phone call with the same speed to connect regardless of location.

Just because a company is local doesn’t mean they will provide better service. Local companies may have additional expenses that other companies don’t. To safeguard yourself, do your homework and pick the best security provider for your needs.