Explaining Calgary Police’s New Alarm Dispatch Rules

The city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada has recently changed their rules in regards to dispatching police cars to homes that have home alarm signals.

With the new rule, when a home alarm is triggered within the city limits of Calgary, there needs to be verification that more than 1 zone (piece of equipment) within the home has been compromised (or made active) and two more emergency contacts have had to have been notified. The police put these two rules in place to lower the number of false alarms that Calgary Police have been responding to.

It is important to understand that 96% of the time a home alarm goes off it’s due to a false alarm (usually triggered by the homeowner). Because of this fact, Calgary Police are trying to maximize their workflow by only responding to more verified emergencies.

How does this affect customers with a Think Protection home alarm?

It doesn’t.

With a Think Protection alarm system, once the alarm is tripped, our 5-Diamond central station can see real-time what’s happening inside the home through our online portal, as the portal shows each zone that has gone off. As soon as another zone is effected, the Central Station Operator will see it real-time and can pass that verification to the Police.

Some other companies only get a signal of the first zone that’s tampered, then there’s a delay in notifying them of the additional zones, so their response ends up being significantly longer.

With a break-in, every second count, which is why Think Protection’s alarm response is incredibly effective.

In addition, when your alarm is tripped, not only does the customer receive a text message letting them know their alarm’s been triggered, but we then contact 3 emergency numbers on file. This further adds to the peace of mind of verifying that it’s an actual emergency, and more than adheres to Calgary Police’s new rules.

If the customer does have additional concerns, Think Protection customers can add Private Guard services, where when you’re alarm is tripped, we will notify private guards to respond. This is available for only an additional $4.99/month. This provides added peace of mind as if the alarm is a false, the customer won’t be charged for the response (as the $4.99/month is in essence insurance to the customer).

Calgary Police do charge for false alarm responses.

Get your Think Protection home alarm, the most effective alarm system in the industry, with $12.99/month monitoring and a full 3-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee by calling 1-855-768-4465 today!