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ThinkAlert Helps Find Missing Man

ThinkAlert is an incredibly effective tool in helping seniors stay secure regardless of age, medical history or location. It is a mobile P.E.R.S unit, that works anywhere. This was evident in a situation that recently occurred. A ThinkAlert mobile personal emergency...

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5 Life-Saving Reasons to Get a Personal Medical Alarm

Nothing is worse than going through a medical emergency with no way to call for help. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to a shockingly large number of Americans each day. Let’s take falls - which happen to 35% of Americans aged 65+ and 50% aged 75+ - as an...

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ThinkAlert Mobile – New Mobile Personal Emergency System

We are pleased to announce our newest product, ThinkAlert Mobile! ThinkAlert Mobile, our exciting new personal emergency system, gives seniors and people with medical conditions the ability to live independently with unparalleled peace of mind. ThinkAlert Mobile is a...

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Security Dog Vs. An Alarm System

Many people considering installing a home security system like to weigh their options. Functionality, cost, hardware requirements. Some people end up reverting to the age-old, man's best friend option: the family dog. Dog's, especially specific breeds built for...

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Who Should Use Think Alert?

Meet Think Alert You have a loved one who is determined to live independently, but you think they should have some sort of device in case of emergencies. It could be a senior simply wanting to live on their own or someone with special needs, a personal emergency...

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Insurance Savings With A Think Protection Home Alarm

Think Protection has the best home alarm system at a price that can't be beaten! A Think Protection home alarm is just $12.99/month and there's no annual contract! Amazing security at a price that can't be beaten - that's the Think Protection advantage! Need another...

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What Is Think Alert?

Everyone deserves to live independently and securely regardless of their age or medical history, which is why Think Protection created Think Alert. Think Alert is a revolutionary new emergency response system (PERS) with state-of-the-art features at an incredibly low...

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What To Do If You Have Noisy Neighbours

There is a saying "good fences build good neighbors" which comes from the fact that everybody wants to be involved with their community but also want a measure of privacy. It is surprising that this saying extends to all aspects of home life except for home security....

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Should Your Vacation Home Have An Alarm System?

People wonder whether it’s worth installing a security system in their vacation home. Can they justify the expense of paying monthly monitoring for their vacation home as well as their main residence? Of course, it depends on the family budget but there are valid...

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