Which Features Come In Think Protection’s Free App?

Every Think Protection home alarm system comes with the ability to access the Think Protection app on your smartphone. This app is completely free to download and is available on all major phone platforms. The app offers an unparalleled level of convenience and interaction with your home alarm system.

First, all Think Protection home alarm systems can be armed and disarmed through the app. This means that our systems don’t really need a keypad, as any smartphone or tablet can do everything a keypad can do. Turning the system on and off is as easy as a push of a button and can be done from anywhere in the world. This means that you can either be in your living room or on the beach in Mexico and be able to turn your system on or off. The remote arming and disarming are included free with your $12.99/month monitoring of your Think Protection system.

On the app, you can also access a full history of your home alarm’s events. You can see when the system was armed and disarmed and if you have unique codes for different users, you can see who controlled the system. This too is included free with your monthly monitoring.

You can also turn certain individual elements of your system on or off through the app. For example, if you want to turn a single motion detector off while keeping the rest of your system on, you can do it with ease.

Plus, unlike some home alarm companies, the app provides you with supervisory updates on your system, letting you know things like if a door is open. This allows you to truly understand if your system is armed, providing you with the highest level of protection. This too is included free with your monthly monitoring.

If you have Think Protection’s home automation package, through the app you can control various smart home products like door locks, thermostats, and smart lights. This adds an advanced level of control to your home. The app is incredibly easy to navigate and all of the above features are literally down by pressing one or two buttons. Home automation can be added to your system at any time, and users can access all home automation capabilities through the same Think Protection app.

The Think Protection app is by far the most powerful yet easiest to use app available from any home alarm company. We understand customers want an easy to use system which will provide them with the most advanced technology. To find out more about the app and all Think Protection services, call Think Protection at 1-855-76-THINK (1-855-768-4465)!