Phone Line: Do I Need One For An Alarm System?

Most home alarm systems need a home phone line to work. When the alarm is triggered in most cases, a signal is sent through your phone line, where the system dials out over the phone line. This makes things difficult for homeowners that want to cut the cord – ones that either want to use a VoIP line instead of a standard telco phone line or those that simply want to use their cellular phones at home.

At Think Protection we say: No phone line? No problem!

While most home alarm systems require a landline to work, there are still certain options you can get where you can get great protection at a low cost. Think Protection home alarm systems send signals through broadband and through cellular (GSM), which means that you can easily get a Think Protection alarm system regardless of if you have a home phone line or not. The broadband option is standard with every system for just $12.99/month for monitoring. For cellular, it’s only $99/upfront and then just $3.99/month! The most affordable home alarm system available!

Other home alarm companies charge anywhere between $32/month to $60/month for a no phone line security solution. Plus they’ll lock their customers into a long-term contract. At Think Protection all of our security systems come with no contract! A better security solution without any longterm commitment is what makes Think Protection a better home alarm company!

Let’s compare prices and contract terms:

AlarmForce No Phone Line: $99/upfront, $29.99/month, 3-year contract – $1178.64

ADT No Phone Line: $39.99/month, 3-year contract – $1439.64

Think Protection: $199.99/upfront, $12.99/month, no contract – $667.63

The numbers show how with Think Protection you’ll save over 75% compared to AlarmForce and over 115% compared to ADT!

Get your Think Protection no phone line home alarm system today by calling 1-855-76-THINK (1-855-768-4465)!