How Do You Cancel Your Frontpoint Security System?

You are a Frontpoint Security customer and want to cancel your alarm service. Cancelling with Frontpoint Security is a fairly easy process. Follow these steps and you will be able to cancel your Frontpoint alarm system.

First get your Frontpoint contract. When you signed up with Frontpoint Security you agreed to an alarm contract. In order to cancel, you need to know your contractual term. How long have you had the system for? Frontpoint has a 3-year contract. If you’re under contract, to cancel you will have to payout the remainder of your contractual term. This could be a few dollars. Or it could be hundreds. Be prepared before you call Frontpoint.

You are now ready to call. Frontpoint Security’s phone number is 1-855-705-5071. Press the corresponding buttons to connect to Customer Service and have your information readily available.

The Customer Service Rep will try to retain your account and will offer you escalating retention offers. It might be free months of service or maybe extra equipment. Remember why you want to cancel and hold firm to that.

Frontpoint may also require written confirmation of your cancellation. If that is the case an email will suffice.

Remember that after to cancel your Frontpoint security system will no longer work. This means that your home is no longer protected. And you no longer alarm monitoring. This shows why you should always contact another alarm provider in advance of cancellation. Think ahead and be prepared.

If you purchase Frontpoint Security because they are a DIY alarm provider, look towards other DIY alarm options. Companies like Think Protection, Simplisafe, are all DIY and offer no contract. They are all also lower priced monthly than Frontpoint Security. We recommend Think Protection for the best security at the lowest price.

We hope this blog post on cancelling with Frontpoint Security is helpful. For more information on cancelling with Frontpoint, here’s a link to Frontpoint’s FAQ section on their website.