How Can You Secure Your Car When Parked Outside Overnight?

Many people park their cars outdoors overnight in their driveways or on the street. While convenient, this leaves your car vulnerable to being broken into. How can you park outdoors at night and keep your car secure?

Make sure that you park your car somewhere well lit. Bright lights act as a strong burglar deterrent. Someone thinking about breaking into your car, will think twice if there are bright lights around it as this will increase the odds of them being caught. If you park on your driveway, add strong sconce lights or a flood light.

Never leave valuables in your car. Burglars break into cars to get cash, computers, clothes or other things of value. If your car is empty, then the burglar will move on to another car to target. If you have anything important or valuable in your car, take it out at the end of the day.

It’s important to make sure you lock your car doors at all times. Often people forget to lock their car. This simple solution makes it harder for a burglar to enter your car. A door lock is there for a reason. Use them to make it more difficult for a would be burglar. An unlocked door makes breaking in to a burglar far to easy.

If you park on a driveway, add an outdoor camera to your home. A camera is a fantastic burglar deterrent. A good quality outdoor camera will make a burglar think twice about targeting your car. No burglar wants to get caught, and an outdoor camera greatly increases the odds of that happening.

Here is some info from Toronto Police to help protect your car and valuables. You can read their list here. These simple steps, along with the tips above, will greatly increase your safety. They will also lower the chances that your car is targeted in a burglary.