How To Cancel The Monitoring Centre

You have an alarm system monitored by The Monitoring Centre and want to cancel your service. You are unhappy for some reason. You may simply want to update your system or save some money with another provider. What are the steps required to cancel service with The Monitoring Centre? Here is how to cancel The Monitoring Centre.

The Monitoring Centre is an alarm company located in Toronto, Ontario, that provides service in various cities in California, Alberta and British Columbia. The Monitoring Centre monitors both hardwired and wireless alarm systems. The Monitoring Centre advertises $9.99/month monitoring, but in truth their monthly monitoring is generally significantly more per month. This is due to their bait and switch marketing/sales approach.

To cancel your service with The Monitoring Centre, look at your contract and see what terms you initially agreed to. You may have term left under your contract. If you do then you might have to pay out the remainder of the contract amount. This information is on the contract that was provided at the point of installation.

In future, make sure that you avoid any company that requires you to sign a contract. Contracts only benefit the alarm company, never the customer. They tie the customer up, where it becomes cumbersome to cancel. Run for the hills if any new company says to sign a contract!

Next, call The Monitoring Centre to give verbal notice of cancellation. If they attempt to give you escalating offers to retain your service don’t be sucked in. Be strong and remember why you called to cancel and stay focused. Focus will save you money and get you free of service.

The Monitoring Centre often requires written notice of termination of services. If this is the case, send an email or a written letter saying you are cancelling your alarm service with The Monitoring Centre.

More often than not, the amount required to pay out the remaining term is recouped when you switch to a new low cost alarm company. Do your research and have a new alarm provider in place before you cancel service with The Monitoring Centre. This way your home and family is protected with a monitored alarm system during the transition.

There are no shortage of alarm companies that can protect your home and family. Pick a company with fantastic service and value. One that will protect you at a low price with no annual contract.