How To Cancel Your Lifeshield Security System

You have a Lifeshield alarm system and you’re looking to cancel monitoring. You’ve decided to go to a different alarm company or you no longer need the service. Or you’ve discovered that Lifeshield has been purchased by ADT and you’re unhappy about it. Whatever the reason, you’re going a different route in protecting your home and family. How can you cancel monitoring for your Lifeshield security system? What are the steps for cancellation?

Cancelling your Lifeshield alarm is actually a fairly easy process. With Lifeshield you own the home alarm equipment. Plus with Lifeshield there’s no annual contract. This means that you are not obligated to pay out any contractual term. You are simply paying the monthly monitoring as you go.

Step 1 – Call Lifeshield

The first step to cancelling your Lifeshield security system is by calling Lifeshield at 1-877-632-7657. This is Lifeshild’s toll free number. An ADT Representative will answer the phone. With ADT cancelling your alarm monitoring is difficult. They make you wait on hold for tremendous periods of time. Plus ADT has 3-year contract, so if you are under contract they will not let you cancel services. Lifeshield however is different. You are able to cancel anytime.

Step 2 – Tell Why You’re Cancelling Service

Tell the Lifeshield/ADT rep that you are looking to cancel your professional monitoring. They’ll ask why and provide some additional value to stop you from cancelling. So remember why you decided to cancel. Stay focused and make sure that the cancellation is official.

Step 3 – Don’t Get Swayed By Retention Offers

Companies give new offers to customers when they call to cancel services. Lifeshield is no different. They know that retention offers make it harder to cancel. But if you remember why you’re unhappy you won’t get swayed to stay. At that point confirm cancellation and you’re done.

You will not need to send anything back to Lifeshield. There is also no signing of any agreement, so cancelling your alarm monitoring is in theory easy.

It’s important to note that Lifeshield is the manufacturer of their equipment. This means that no other company will be able to monitor your Lifeshield alarm. By being the manufacturer they can lock out other monitoring companies. This shouldn’t though be the reason to stay with the company if you’re unhappy.

Now that you’re done with cancelling your Lifeshield alarm system, you should find a new company to protect your home and family. Do your homework and look around for comparable values and technology. But don’t agree to security by just any alarm company. Understand the company’s value, contractual terms and rates.