Inventor Of The Home Security System: Marie Brown

In honor of International Women’s Day, we pay tribute to Marie Van Brittan Brown, the inventor of the first security system.

The pioneering force behind the home security systems we all use today is someone you may not have heard of- Marie Van Brittan Brown, a nurse from Queens, New York, was instrumental in the creation of the home security surveillance system facets that our company provides. In 1966, Mrs. Brown and her husband filed a patent for their automated home security system that changed how buildings were secured.

Working as a nurse forced Marie to keep irregular hours. Because she was not privy to a 9-5 working day, and her husband worked as an electrical technician, she often found herself home alone late at night. After the crime rate in her neighborhood spiked, she decided to take matters into her own hands and invent a home monitoring system that would make feel safe in her own apartment.

Her system was the frontrunner for the home monitoring systems like Think Protection. With cameras, two-way communication, remote door locks and an alarm button that sends a direct signal to law enforcement, Mrs. Brown was ahead of her time. In 1969, the patent was approved and the home security system designed by Marie and her husband would become the standard protection kit for households and small businesses across the world.

Home Security System Inventor