Why Most Alarm Companies Make You Sign A Contract

AlarmForce, ADT, Vivint, Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, CPI, Protect America, Frontpoint, Xfinity and Protection 1 – What do all of these home alarm companies have in common?

They all make their customers agree to a long-term contract!

With a contract being standard with most alarm companies (Think Protection is a rare exception), what’s the reason that these companies force their customers to sign to then get their services?

The reason is simple, it locks the customer in long-term, forcing them to them to commit to paying their monitoring fees. The contract benefits the company providing the services, as it limits the risk of the customer deciding to cancel. It forces the customer to pay regardless of their satisfaction with the services they’re receiving. So even if the customer absolute hates the home security services they’re receiving with a company like ADT, they are forced to pay out the remainder of the contract even if they want to cancel.

And the real irony is with the vast majority of the aforementioned companies’ contracts, the company reserves the right to raise their prices at any time.

Now how does the customer benefit from signing a contract? Most often they don’t really in any form. Contracts are one-sided, where the customer gets no benefit. Some companies will provide a zero down security solution to the customer, knowing that with the contract the customer will pay far more over the term of the contract, but in some cases, the system is leased, so the customer at the end of the day is left with no ownership. Beyond that, the price is inflated in these no money down instances, and the customer pays significantly more than if they initially just bought the equipment.

Contracts are outdated and no customer should ever sign a home alarm contract! There are better options!

With Think Protection you can buy a home alarm system for only $199.99/upfront and monitoring is just $12.99/month… and there’s no contract!

If you’re unhappy or no longer feel as if you need a home alarm system, you can cancel anytime! There’s no risk!

When looking for a home alarm system, never sign a contract. Never lock yourself in. Make a wise decision and make sure you’re not stuck with a home security system that you’re unhappy with which is way too expensive!