The Problems With Refurbished Alarm Equipment

Did you know some home alarm companies use refurbished equipment to protect their customers?

Bet you didn’t.

AlarmForce, for example, will take equipment from canceled customers homes and then recycle that old equipment back into the field. This is because AlarmForce systems are leased by their customers, so once the customer decides to cancel, AlarmForce retains ownership of the system. Now, what is AlarmForce going to do with this old, outdated equipment? Well, they sure won’t throw it out as that would be detrimental to their bottom line. Instead, they may make a small tweak to it then take that old equipment that was in someone else’s home and place it back into the field presented as new.

So that “new” alarm system you ordered may very well not be as new as you were hoping.

Simplisafe also sells refurbished systems, however, they do so as a different offering where they do indeed offer a discount when purchasing. At least Simplisafe is upfront that the system is one that was already out in the field.

One problem with refurbished equipment is that it was already used and may have incurred some level of damage while already out in the field. It could be a minor issue or something major. Beyond that, there’s a certain “ick” factor to it. It was physically in someone else’s home. On their floor. Maybe there were bugs there. Maybe the person was a heavy smoker. Who knows?

When a system has already been out in the field, the company can no longer guarantee the highest level of service. Whether the company wants to admit it or not, the system is no longer truly new. When getting a home alarm system, get a system that isn’t refurbished. Make sure you’re getting the highest level of protection, not someone else’s unwanted equipment!

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