Protecting your Air BNB Property

In a world where everyone is always looking for a deal, it’s not surprising that people have found a way to lessen the cost of vacationing.

Air BNB is a website that helps travelers to find cheap rental properties, and home or apartment owners use to make extra income while away.

A lot of property owners who leave for business trips or frequently travel put their rooms upon a per-trip basis, although more often than ever opportunists have been purchasing homes in high-trafficked tourist destinations with the sole intention of renting them out.

There are over a million listings on the site that include properties all over the world and many people take advantage of these cheaper and more convenient options. However, as an owner of an Air BNB property, you must be certain that you protect your home as it is being rented out.

Not only are you opening your home to strangers, but you’re doing so while being unable to monitor the situation. It’s one thing to be present while strangers are in your home, but to have them there while you’re away? That’s a large risk that many people are willing to take.

Best Ways to Protect Your Property

  • Install a strong security system. This should be mission #1 for anyone looking to list their property. If your home is equipped with a strong security system, you’re going to be taking the first step towards scaring off those using Air BNB with negative intentions. Thieves are opportunists, and they’re not going to waste their time on homes they know are protected.
  • Take advantage of the Air BNB protection. It covers up to a $1,000,000 in damages and lost items, not including items such as credit cards, jewelry, art or watercrafts. These are items you should store in a safe or another location altogether if renting out the property.
  • Have a neighbor or trustworthy person nearby keep an eye on the property. Give them your contact information so that they can get a hold of you if there is an emergency.
  • Get extra insurance coverage for your home. In the event that there is more than $1 million in damages, you want to ensure you’re not left paying for that out-of-pocket.
  • Don’t leave important documents such as birth certificates and other personal information at the home when you are not present. Take them with you, or find somewhere other than the home to keep them safe. You could become a victim of identity theft.
  • Don’t leave any computers open or on. Make sure you have difficult passwords and no way for them to have access to your personal property. If you allow the renters Wi-Fi, assure that they have a different connection or that they cannot access your personal information while connected to your Internet provider.
  • Talk with those renting your property before they finally make it there. Get to know them and ask for proof of identification. If the renter is aware that you have their real name and address, they’ll be less likely to cause damage while there, as authorities will easily be able to contact them after the fact.
  • Stop your mail when you won’t be home. Contact the post office or even ask the mailman to give the mail to the neighbor if you trust them.

There are many ways to protect your Air BNB home. However, it is always risky inviting strangers into your house. Nevertheless, Air BNB is a great way to make an extra income for those who are frequently away from properties they own, as long as you practice the proper safety measures.