16 Jul 2015
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3 Summer Home Security Tips

The sun is out and the weather is nice. In the summer we think about things like weekends getaways and trips to the beach. The last thing on our mind is home security. The reality though is that crime typically spikes in the summer, including break-ins. During the summer we should continue to focus on how we can keep our homes and families safe. With that said, here are 3 summer home security tips.

1. Keep your doors locked at all times!

The warm weather means more outdoor activity. Too often we forget to lock the door when we go outside. At all times we should remember to keep our front and back doors locked whether we’re inside or out. If you’re going for a jog or taking a quick stroll to your local convenience store remember to lock your doors behind you.

2. Don’t post too much information on social media!

Summer trips are tons of fun and everyone loves taking pictures and posting them on social media. The problem with sharing when and where you’re taking a trip is that you may be sharing that information with possible burglars. Think about it, by posting on Facebook or Twitter that you’re going away on a summer vacation or a trip up north to the cottage, you are letting people know that you won’t be home. Your vacant home could then become a prime target for an attempted break-in.

Be smart with posting information on social media. Make sure your privacy settings are turned on, where only your real-life friends can see your posts. And never let anyone know you’ll be away from your home for extended periods of time.

3. Get a home alarm systems!

Houses with an alarm system are 3 times less likely to be broken into than those without one. Think about it this way, if you were a burglar, would you try to break into a home with an alarm system or one without? The answer is obvious.

If you don’t already have an alarm system, it’s time for you to get one. The deterrent value of an alarm system, lawn sign and window decal is incredibly high.

Burglars avoid homes with alarm systems. And with Think Protection you can get a home alarm system for an incredibly low price and no contract. There’s never been a better time to protect your home and family!


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