What’s Better: Owning Or Leasing Your Home Alarm System?

You’re thinking of getting a home alarm system. You’ve looked at various companies and compared the systems and the different kind of monitoring. You’re close to making your decision, but one question needs to be answered: is it better to own or lease your home alarm system?

Some home alarm companies will sell you an alarm system while others lease you a system. Both have their advantages, however, you need to truly see the big picture to make a wise decision.


Companies like AlarmForce will lease a home alarm system to you once you sign up for their service. This zero down leasing concept is nice upfront as it doesn’t require the homeowner to put any money down. They do require you though to sign a multi-year contract. With the lease, the company will cover some service, depending on what it is. Sometimes, however, you will still have to pay for the service call. The negatives to leasing are the already mentioned contract (which is a big negative as you’re stuck with the company even if you’re unhappy with their service) and the fact that once the contract is over, you are left with nothing if you were to go to another company. With a lease, you’re paying for something someone else owns, so at the end of the day, you will be left with no ownership and no system.


Some home alarm companies like Simplisafe or Ackerman will sell you a home alarm system. The positives are that you have actual ownership of your alarm system and that you can switch to other monitoring companies if you aren’t happy with your service (if you haven’t signed an alarm contract). A homeowner needs to understand that not all alarm systems are created equal. Some systems can cost $199 while others can go into the thousands of dollars. Beyond that different systems have different features and monitoring capabilities. Ownership provides the customer with options and an asset – pending they don’t spend too much money for their system upfront.

At Think Protection we believe that the customer gets the best value by owning their alarm system. A lease may seem like a good idea upfront, however, over the course of your contract you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars and will be left with nothing at the end. A high value, low-cost alarm system will require you to spend some money upfront, however, in most cases, you’ll be able to pay less for monitoring and will have the asset of ownership. You can also avoid signing a long-term contract and if you’re unhappy with your service you can go elsewhere.

Never lease when you can buy a feature-rich home alarm system at a low cost.

Ackerman Security Acquired By Imperial Capital

Ackerman Security, a very successful home security company that operates throughout the greater Atlanta and Washington regions, was acquired by Canadian Private Equity firm Imperial Capital. Ackerman Security specializes in taking over the monitoring of existing home alarm systems by offering a $20/month service. They have been very successful with this model and continue to grow at a solid pace.

Ackerman Security employs an outbound sales team, that comes to your home to assess your security needs. They also have a five diamond central station, which monitors all of their accounts.

Ackerman requires a 1-year contract for service.

This is Imperial Capitals first venture into the home security space, however, they say they will continue to monitor the industry and potentially be involved in other opportunities.

You can read all about the Ackerman Security purchase here in an article in Security Systems News: http://bit.ly/1CeNMHM

Who Is Ackerman Security And What Do They Offer?

Ackerman Security is an alarm company based in Atlanta, Georgia. They do both residential and commercial security and operate in both Atlanta and Washington, DC. Ackerman does a significant amount of advertising and is well known in both areas, offering a traditional home alarm solution for $18.95/month.

They specialize in traditional home security, specifically taking over people’s home alarms. This means that if you own a home alarm system that was monitored by a different company, you can switch to Ackerman, who will take over the monitoring for $18.95/month. This is for standard monitoring, not 2-way voice or cellular backup. Both are offered at a higher monthly amount.

A new alarm system with Ackerman Security costs upward of $300, which almost negates the lower price on the monthly fees if you currently don’t have a home alarm. They also require a 1-year contract. Beyond that, there is a charge for all service issues.

Ackerman Security does not answer your sales questions over the phone. Instead, Ackerman Security sends a sales rep to your home. The point of this is to put more sales pressure on the customer hoping this will help close the deal. While this may be a good sales tactic for the company, this is detrimental to the customer. Ackerman Security says they need the sales representative to come to your home in order to fully assess your security needs. While this sounds good, it’s not true. All security needs can be done over the phone, however, this line does help them get the sales rep into your home, which then leads to more pressure on you to sign a contract.

Remember to be cautious when dealing with a company that won’t answer all of your sales questions over the phone. Potential customers should be skeptical of any company that’s not fully transparent about their security offering from the first initial call.

To recap, Ackerman Security offers a new home alarm system for a significant upfront fee ($300+) and then $18.95/month. You will own the system, not lease it. Additional premium monitoring services like two-way voice and cellular backup are available for a higher monthly fee. Ackerman Security requires customers to sign a one year contract and then after there is a charge for service. And lastly, Ackerman Security will not answer your sales questions over the phone, but instead, send a sales representative to your home.