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How Do I Cancel My ADT Alarm System?

You’ve decided cancel your ADT system. There could be an ADT alarm at your home or business. You’ve had enough with the high price. Maybe you’re unhappy with ADT’s service. Whatever the reason, you want to cancel with ADT.

ADT is a worldwide security company. ADT is the largest security company out there with over 8 million customers throughout North America. Every year a large number choose to leave ADT. This could be because of moves, unhappy with service or lots of other reasons. Here are the steps to cancellation of your ADT alarm system.

First you need to call ADT. The phone number is 1-800-ADT-ASAP (1-800-238-2727). Be prepared to wait on hold for awhile. ADT does not make cancellation easy. Be patient. Sometimes the wait is because of high a surplus of calls. We believe that other times may be because the longer the wait, the more likely you are to hang up and postpone cancellation. Regardless, wait to cancel.

When you get someone on the line, you’ll be transferred to the Service Department. In some instances, they will offer you deals to stay. These are called Back Pocket Deals. The issue is, why didn’t they offer these when you were a customer in good standing? Remember why you wanted to cancel in the first place.

If you are within your 3-year contract then you’re stuck. The only way you can cancel your ADT alarm is if you pay out the remainder of your contract period. This is why you should avoid all companies with long term contracts. Check your contract to see when it ends.

With ADT, you will own your equipment after cancellation. You can transfer the equipment to another alarm company for monitoring. Or you can go with a new company that will supply new equipment. There are lots of options out there. Choose a company though with low price monitoring. Also don’t agree to a long term contract again.


5 Things To Know Before Signing A Contract With ADT

Thinking about getting an ADT home alarm system? Here are 5 things to consider before you sign a contract with them.

ADT Requires A Long Term Contract

Did you know that if you decide to have ADT protect your home and family, you’ll have to sign a contract. The contract locks you up for 3 years. During this time, if you’re unhappy you won’t be able to cancel. Contracts never benefit customers. They only benefit the company, as it locks you up.

High Monthly Prices

ADT typically charges anywhere from $30/month up to $60/month for monitoring. Other companies charge significantly less. Do you get anything enhanced with ADT for the price? No. It’s the same basic types of monitoring. Be aware of monthly pricing, as it adds up over time. Higher monthly prices could equal thousands more spent over time.

Can Raise Prices During Contract

You agree to paying $30/month for monitoring. Read the ADT contract. In the contract is a clause that they can raise rates while you’re under contract. That means next year that $30/month may become $35/month. Avoid any company that can raise prices, as they usually will.

Uses Dealers, Which Means Accounts Are Sold

Remember that Sales Rep you met when you were thinking of going with ADT? There’s a good chance that Rep was actually a dealer. A dealer is an independent third party individual. They are affiliated with ADT through their dealer program. The dealer gets the customer to sign a contract with ADT. The dealer then sells the contrac to ADT. That means from that point forward, ADT installs and services the system. The dealer gets paid. So going forward any issues are dealt with not by the person who made the promises to you, but ADT corporate. This means that often the dealer says whatever it takes to make the sale. This could lead to false promises and empty results.

Huge Company – You’re 1 in 8,000,000

ADT has 8 million customers. When companies get this big, it’s hard to give every customer the attention they deserve. Huge companies mean thousands of staff members, long wait times and things falling through the cracks. Think you’re going to get the same Technician over the phone who helped you troubleshoot your last issue? Not going to happen. Plus, often in companies this big, issues get lost in the shuffle. Huge companies also mean huge overhead. Significant infrastructure and staffing costs lots of money. These costs fall to the customers, which means high monitoring rates and hidden charges. Be aware of this before you agree to any contract.

Why Should You Choose A DIY Home Alarm System?

Over the past few years, the security industry has seen the rise of the DIY home alarm system. How do they compare to a traditional security system? What are the benefits? Here are a few reasons why you should choose a DIY home alarm system.

Better Technology

Technology has come incredibly far over the past 10 years. This is especially true in home security. New wireless alarms can do everything a wired alarm can do, and more! Everything is simplified and can be connected to a central station through broadband or cellular signals. This means that a home phone line is no longer required. The advances in technology mean that a DIY home alarm can be easily set up. Some in around half an hour. Plus these systems are completely wireless, so no drilling is required. Simple, fast and effective, a DIY monitored alarm system easily protect your home and family at an incredibly low price.

No Installer

Traditional alarm companies try to convince customers that installers are beneficial. They say they are needed to provide the best customer experience. The truth is that they are unnecessary with a new system. If you have an old, wired alarm system then yes you need an installer. A new system though does not.

In fact, installers are extremely detrimental. Customers have to take time off work to wait around for an installer. Most companies give half day windows, and on average a large number of installations either get rescheduled or the installer comes late! The reality is with new technology a homeowner can easily do everything the installer would be doing themselves. Plus, the installer doesn’t come for free. The alarm company pays large sums to the installer. This means that the costs get passed to the customer! So you’re paying more for an unnecessary service!

Plus an installer is someone you don’t know inside your home. They could be a smoker or wear dirty boots throughout the house! Who wants a stranger in your home? The beauty of DIY is you can do everything easy by yourself, in a fraction of the time an installer can do it.

Better Prices

DIY monitored alarm systems can provide lower prices than a traditional one. Why is this? Because of the cost of the installer! Less company overhead means more savings for you. For examples, Think Protection charges only $12.99/month for monitoring. ADT is $40+ per month. Vivint is $50+ per month. Both of these companies have installers and significant overhead! The cost of those gets passed to the customer. With a DIY system, you’ll save and get the same (if not better) technology.

3 More Secrets Home Alarm Companies Don’t Want You To Know

At Think Protection, we like to expose certain secrets that have long existed in the security industry. Shoppers deserve to know the truth about the home security industry. So here are 3 more secrets home alarm companies don’t want you to know.

Installers Are Unnecessary, But Certain Companies Are Stuck With Them

Technology in the world of security has come incredibly far. No longer are alarm systems hard to set up. And those installing them don’t need a technical background or certain skill set. So why do companies like ADT, AlarmForce and Vivint still have installers? The reason is because they’re stuck with them. ADT, AlarmForce and Vivint would love to get rid of their installers. The issue is these companies need to somehow justify their long term contracts. They do this by saying an installer is necessary. Plus their older customer base had the installer already, so they are expected for future servicing.

Remember, installers aren’t working for free. There is a significant cost to them. These costs are relayed to the customer. By choosing a company that doesn’t have an installer, you’re saving money and able to install the system on your own schedule. Other companies would love to use this low cost, easy process, but they can’t.

You Don’t Need A Salesperson To “Assess” Your Home In Person

Some alarm companies try to pressure you into having them send over a Salesperson to your home. They say this will help them properly assess your home. How can you know what you need without having someone there to see the premise in person?

The truth is it’s easy to figure out your security needs over the phone. With a few simple questions, a Salesperson with the right training can easy fit your security needs remotely. So why do these companies want to send a Salesperson to your home? To pressure you into signing a contract!

It’s a lot harder to say no to someone in person. Alarm companies know this. This is why some send Salespeople to your home. Never fall for this scam as it may lead to you signing up for services and equipment you didn’t need.

More Equipment Doesn’t Mean More Protection

To properly protect your home you need sensors on every window and door, right? Wrong. The more equipment you have doesn’t necessarily mean more protection. In order to properly secure your home, you need the right amount of equipment. This can easily be figured out through answering a few questions.

The unfortunate reality though is some alarm companies will try to sell you unnecessary equipment. This is because the company makes great money on the equipment. The margins are fantastic, so they try to sell you more and more. And the equipment being sold may provide a false sense of security.

100 window contacts may not provide the same level of protection of 2 motion detectors. But some alarm companies will try to sell you those contacts because they’d make thousands of dollars more!

Go with an alarm company that will provide the proper security solution. More doesn’t always mean better. A smart security package with the right amount of equipment can do the same if not better job than three times that amount.


5 Reasons To Switch Your Alarm To Think Protection

In North America there are over 5000 home alarm companies, each claiming they can protect your home and family best. The truth is though that nobody comes close to Think Protection in regards to value and service. Here are 5 reasons why you should cancel your current alarm provider and switch to Think Protection:

1. We the best price in the industry

No other home alarm company comes close to our value. Our monitoring is only $12.99/month. Adding ThinkLink cellular backup is only $99.99/upfront and just $3.99/month. So if you want a dual transition to our central station you’re monitoring is only $16.98! You can add home automation for only $49.99/upfront and just $1.99/month. Our prices are by far the best in the industry and you’ll get an amazing home alarm system with incredible features!

2. There’s no annual contract!

Other home alarm companies make you sign a multi-year contract when you sign up for their services. Not Think Protection. Unlike AlarmForce, ADT, Vivint, and Frontpoint, Think Protection has no annual contract. If you’re ever unhappy you can cancel your monitoring at any time. This confidence in our service and value is unparalleled and shows that Think Protection cares about our customers. Choose a company that gives you the option to cancel if you’re ever unhappy!

3. All Think Protection alarm systems come with a 30-Day money back guarantee!

If you have any worries or concerns about your Think Protection home alarm system, rest easy knowing that all Think Protection systems come with a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee. You can test out the system and if you decide you don’t want it, you can send it back and we’ll refund you the full purchase price. You’ll have full peace of mind, where you’ll get your Think Protection system backed with the best guarantee in the industry!

4. Our mobile app is included free!

Most home alarm companies charge their customers a premium if they’re including access to their mobile app. At Think Protection our mobile app is included free, where all customers get full access on both iPhone and Android. You can arm and disarm your system remotely, see a full history of alarm events and control certain settings in your system. Plus if you have home automation, you can control your door locks, thermostat, and lights all through the app!

5. Think Protection’s cutting-edge technology!

Certain home alarm companies use old outdated technology, which hasn’t been updated in years. At Think Protection we believe that all systems need to use the most advanced technology. Our home alarm systems have won numerous awards and will provide you and your family with incredible peace of mind. Plus our systems have the ability to have software updates pushed directly to the system, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest. This saves you money and insures that you’ll always have the most advanced system with the newest features.