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5 Former AlarmForce Customers Explain Why They Switched To Think Protection

Do you have an AlarmForce home alarm system and are thinking of switching over to Think Protection? Here are a few AlarmForce reviews of former customers who made the switch and are now protecting their homes and families with Think Protection. and are saving hundreds of dollars!

– Christopher B (Etobicoke, ON): We are pleased with the product and service we have received. It will prove to be an appreciable saving from our previous arrangement with AlarmForce. We were with them for 20 years and they gave us no consideration for our loyalty. We probably paid for the somewhat primitive system 10 times over and still had to return it when we terminated our contract with them. I feel much of their downhill skid is directly related to Joel Matlin no longer managing their affairs. Thank you again.

– David C (Edmonton, AB): I am really happy with my purchase in Think Protection. When I talked to AlarmForce about cancelling and switching to Think Protection, they tried to convince me that I had to do the install and configuration myself, and that it was very complicated. However, my real experience was it was VERY easy to install and I was never left on my own, as the instructions have you call in when you’re ready and they help you through a very simple process of enrolling my sensors into the system. It was actually easier to set up the new Think Protection system than it was to cancel my old AlarmForce system! I would recommend this system to anyone. The monitoring is half the price of my old AlarmForce system and it has so many more features. I thought the upfront cost was very reasonable. I also like that I can buy Z-wave devices from Think Protection (or from third parties) and they will be compatible with this system.

– Keith C (North York, ON): My family and I are very glad we switched to Think Protection. The value is unbeatable. We are former Rogers Home Monitoring and AlarmForce customers so I am quite aware of the prices these competitors charge, their product, as well as their customer service. To reduce our monthly expenses, we were looking for a reliable home alarm system that was not dependent on a land phone line. After learning about your product through your sales representative on the phone, we felt that Think Protection was the right product and service for us. We have had friendly and patient service from all of your representatives with no overselling. The great thing about your products is that they are highly customizable and very simple to set up – basically, peel and stick the contacts up at each location while a live agent walks you through the process – they verify that there is good contact and signal strength – and your done. Being able to access our system over the internet is also a great feature. Thank you for following up and for the terrific customer service. It has been a pleasure so far.

– Gordon O (Leduc, AB): Overall, I am satisfied with the systems form Think Protection for both my residence and the business. I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback. I am happy with the system over all and think it is a well-designed, good system, definitely an upgrade from my previous AlarmForce system.

– Danny P (Ste-Anne-de Bellevue, QC): I had a very bad experience with Alarm Force in the past with false alarms and being unable to turn off the system and eventually stopped using it all together. I must say I was impressed with the initial setup of the system and also the installation was very easy. The system seems to work well and I really love the smart phone application and control.

Cancel your AlarmForce home alarm system and switch to Think Protection today!

Get your Think Protection home alarm system by calling 1-855-768-4465 or through our online e-store!

The Truth About Home Alarm TV And Radio Commercials…

Have you ever seen a TV or radio for a home alarm company? Companies like Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, AlarmForce and ADT spend millions of dollars on commercials focusing on how they have the best home security system. The thing to remember is often in these commercials certain things are either not mentioned or are misleading to the customer.

Here are a few things from recent commercials to note:

  • In Rogers Smart Home Monitoring’s recent TV commercials they show footage taken from their indoor video surveillance solution. The truth is that it’s not actual footage from one of their security cameras, but instead professionally shot footage recorded on an expensive professional camera. Will the actual camera footage look as crisp and clear as that shot on a $50,000 camera on a professionally lit set? Probably not.
  • In AlarmForce’s recent TV commercial, the “central station” is actually not their central station. The station in the ad looks like mission control, when in fact it’s simply a call centre located in the bottom floor of their office. While I understand the want to spice up a boring unglamorous call centre, the fact in the commercial the call centre looks like mission control is misleading.
  • Recent Rogers Smart Home Monitoring radio ads would mention the price of the system, however, they would say it’s “x” amount over the first two months of a 24-month contract. Then they would never mention the inflated rate of the monitoring over the remaining 22 months of the contract. Is the remaining rate $25/month? $40/month? $1000/month? It’s never mentioned! Plus, they never mention the fact that Rogers reserves the right to raise monitoring rates at any point during the contract and often do.
  • ADT uses dealers to sell their products. One such dealer is a company that used to be called Defender. Defender doesn’t have the same brand value as ADT, so Defender changed their name to Protect Your Home. This way, one direct mailers and various print marketing that Defender historically used, the customer would see the ADT logo followed by the words Protect Your Home. The customer may not have known Protect Your Home was a secondary company, but rather they could have thought that ADT is simply using Protect Your Home as a marketing byline. Misleading? You be the judge.

With any marketing, make sure you read the fine print and question everything. Understand that what may look slick in a commercial is actually not as great in person. Ask the right questions and look at the real underlying value. And cover yourself by never agreeing to anything that forces you into a contract!

What Is Alarm Supervision And Why Do You Need It?

You may think that all alarm systems are created equal, but that’s actually not the case. There are certain things that differentiate one system from another. Certain things like price and home automation features are obvious in what makes one system different, however, there are other things that are more subtle, that adds to the difference. Supervision is one of these subtle features, that in truth is incredibly valuable and makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your alarm system.

Supervision means that the system understands the state of all of the contacts at all times. This will then effect if the system can arm, making the customer aware of certain things that may influence the effectiveness of the alarm system.

For example, if you have a window contact incorporated into your system, supervision means that the system will not arm if the window contact is open. Instead, the alarm will tell you that the window contact is open and will either make you close the window to arm the system, or bypass that zone when arming.

Not all alarm systems have supervision included in their systems. For example, AlarmForce does not have supervision in their home alarm systems. They do have it in their AlarmCare PERS product (seniors product), but in a basic home alarm system, it does not. So you can arm your system with a window or door open, and the system will still technically arm, without telling you about the open door or window. This flaw in the system is huge, where the main entry point is open and accessible to a burglar.

Supervision gives the homeowner full knowledge of the status of their system, active and inactive. It allows the homeowner to truly understand that once their system is armed, they are getting the ultimate level of home protection.

All Think Protection home alarms have supervision built into the system. At any point, you can see through the Think Protection app the full status of every piece of equipment in your home alarm system. You can choose to bypass certain parts of your system if you’d like all of your smartphones. This knowledge is unparalleled and provides a superior customer experience and level of protection than AlarmForce.

And supervision is included in all of our systems at no additional charge!

Who Are The Biggest Alarm Companies In Canada?

There are some major alarm companies that operate in Canada. Some are national while others do business in certain selected areas. Each company brings different positives and negatives to the table, either through their value propositions or the technology they make available to their customers. Here are a few of the biggest names in the Canadian home security landscape:


ADT is an American home alarm company that does business throughout Canada as well. ADT provides a traditional home alarm system that is installed with an installer. They do business both direct to consumer and also through dealers. ADT provides a standard service, along with cellular backup and two-way voice. ADT is the largest worldwide provider of security, protecting over 4 million customers. Beyond that, they are by far the largest home alarm company in Canada. ADT’s alarm systems range in monthly pricing from $28/month to over $50/month. There is usually an upfront charge as well as a 3-year contract.

– AlarmForce

AlarmForce is the largest provider of live two-way voice home alarm systems in Canada. Based in Toronto, AlarmForce protects over 140,000 customers throughout Canada and selected areas of the US. AlarmForce offers a $25/month home alarm system, with no upfront fee. The system is installed by AlarmForce and a 3-year contract is required. AlarmForce offers additional services, like their VideoRelay video surveillance system and AlarmCare personal emergency response product, at additional monthly charges. AlarmForce does not have a dealer program and has their own central monitoring station.

– Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring is a service provided by Rogers Communications. They currently install home alarm systems throughout Ontario and selected parts of BC. Rogers systems start at around $35/month and require a multi-year contract. They also make you pay some funds upfront for part of the installation and equipment. The Smart Home panel is a touchpad, and for additional costs, you can get two-way voice in your system. Rogers only sells Smart Home Monitoring through their call center and all service issues are dealt with through their call center as well. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring alarm systems are monitored by Northern 911, a central station based out of Sudbury, Ontario.

– Protectron

Protectron was recently purchased by ADT, however, the Protectron brand is still in operation separately from ADT. Protectron was the third largest Canadian home alarm company at the time of their purchase by ADT. Protectron offers a standard home alarm system, priced around $30/month.

What Is Two-Way Voice Monitoring And Do I Need It?

Live two-way voice monitoring is a type of home alarm monitoring, where if the alarm is triggered a live link is established between the home and a monitored central station. At that point, the monitoring station can listen inside the house through a two-way voice speaker. They can then voice threaten the intruder out, meaning that the intruder will hear the central station operator inside the house.

This is a premium type of alarm monitoring because it provides an enhanced response, where the central station can truly understand what’s happening inside the home. Beyond that, it proves to the burglar that the alarm system is monitored and someone is, in fact, responding to the break-in.

Sounds great, right? The question is how much does this type of monitoring cost. Most alarm companies, ADT, Vivint and CPI to name a few, offer live two-way voice as an enhanced service and charge between $32/month and $60/month for it. Beyond that, each of them requires a 3-year contract to be signed for the service. Even a low-cost alarm company, like AlarmForce, still isn’t truly low cost, where they charge $25/month for two-way voice and also require a 3-year contract to be signed.

While the monitoring is a better form of monitoring, customers should be wary of paying such high monthly rates for any type of alarm monitoring. Beyond that, signing any sort of contract is never for the customers benefit, as they are then locked into paying the company for the service, even if they are unhappy with the quality of service they are receiving.

So, in conclusion, two-way voice is a superior form of monitoring, however like any purchase you should understand that costs and the contractual terms before you sign up for any service. Understand what you’re getting and the total overall price commitment you’ll be responsible for. Two-way voice is a great form of monitoring, but if it comes with a contract and high monthly rates, then maybe you should look for other options. If you can get two-way voice without a contract and those enlarged rates, then that very well may be your best choice.


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