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5 Things To Know Before Signing A Contract With ADT

Thinking about getting an ADT home alarm system? Here are 5 things to consider before you sign a contract with them.

ADT Requires A Long Term Contract

Did you know that if you decide to have ADT protect your home and family, you’ll have to sign a contract. The contract locks you up for 3 years. During this time, if you’re unhappy you won’t be able to cancel. Contracts never benefit customers. They only benefit the company, as it locks you up.

High Monthly Prices

ADT typically charges anywhere from $30/month up to $60/month for monitoring. Other companies charge significantly less. Do you get anything enhanced with ADT for the price? No. It’s the same basic types of monitoring. Be aware of monthly pricing, as it adds up over time. Higher monthly prices could equal thousands more spent over time.

Can Raise Prices During Contract

You agree to paying $30/month for monitoring. Read the ADT contract. In the contract is a clause that they can raise rates while you’re under contract. That means next year that $30/month may become $35/month. Avoid any company that can raise prices, as they usually will.

Uses Dealers, Which Means Accounts Are Sold

Remember that Sales Rep you met when you were thinking of going with ADT? There’s a good chance that Rep was actually a dealer. A dealer is an independent third party individual. They are affiliated with ADT through their dealer program. The dealer gets the customer to sign a contract with ADT. The dealer then sells the contrac to ADT. That means from that point forward, ADT installs and services the system. The dealer gets paid. So going forward any issues are dealt with not by the person who made the promises to you, but ADT corporate. This means that often the dealer says whatever it takes to make the sale. This could lead to false promises and empty results.

Huge Company – You’re 1 in 8,000,000

ADT has 8 million customers. When companies get this big, it’s hard to give every customer the attention they deserve. Huge companies mean thousands of staff members, long wait times and things falling through the cracks. Think you’re going to get the same Technician over the phone who helped you troubleshoot your last issue? Not going to happen. Plus, often in companies this big, issues get lost in the shuffle. Huge companies also mean huge overhead. Significant infrastructure and staffing costs lots of money. These costs fall to the customers, which means high monitoring rates and hidden charges. Be aware of this before you agree to any contract.

5 Important Home Security Facts

A burglary can happen to anyone. There are certain things however that everyone should know in regards to burglaries. This information on Home Security fats will give you an insight into when they happen. Plus it will also show who is more likely to be targeted.

First, homes without alarm systems are significantly more likely to be targeted by a burglar than those without. In a recent survey by UNC at Charlotte, 60% of burglars surveyed said they’d avoid a home with an alarm system. Plus other data shows that homes with alarm systems are 3 times less likely to be targeted than those without an alarm system. Alarm systems work. Burglars know this, which is why they avoid them.

Most burglaries happen during the day. The vast majority occur between 10 am and 3 pm. Why is this? Logic would say because most homes are empty during this time. This is due to homeowners at work and kids at school.

Another important stat is that approximately 30% of burglaries are from unforced entry. This means that a burglar enters the home through an unlocked door or window. This stresses the importance of always making sure your doors/windows are locked. 34% of burglars enter through the front door!

Also, statistics show that break-ins happen quickly. The vast majority of break-ins occur in less than 10 minutes. Burglars enter, looks for valuables and then leave. They know that the longer they stay inside the home, the chance of them getting caught increases.

Also, 70% of burglaries occur when a home is empty. Again this is because burglars don’t want to get caught, and the likelihood of this happening increases significantly when someone is home. This does show the importance of using an alarm when you’re away from your home and also when you’re home. At nighttime make sure your alarm is on. An alarm is the best way to deter and detect a burglar.



Why Do You Need A Monitored Smoke Detector?

Fire protection is needed in all homes. Fires are incredibly damaging and because of this, a monitored smoke detector is an essential tool to combat them. Most home alarm companies offer monitored smoke detectors. Here are a few reasons why you should add one to your home alarm system.

Peace of Mind

Having a monitored smoke detector will provide you with incredible peace of mind. A fire can completely destroy your home. A monitored smoke detector not only provides protection when you’re home but also away. This way if you have a fire, a professionally monitored central station will be notified. They can contact the fire department if necessary. This will limit potential damage to your home.

Reductions in Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies will provide a discount on your homeowner’s insurance by having a monitored smoke detector. They know monitored smoke detectors work. They provide additional support and mitigate the risk of fire damage. The savings will most likely more than cover the cost of the equipment!

Low Cost

Fire protection isn’t expensive. If you thought the price is an issue, it’s not. Most companies provide monitored smoke detectors for under $100. Think Protection has a monitored smoke detector for only $79.99. Plus there’s no additional monthly cost. So you can get a monitored home alarm with a monitored smoke for just $12.99/month!

Monitored smoke detectors work. They will keep you and your family safer. Plus monitored smoke detectors lower the risk of fire damage significantly. They’ll help protect you, your family, your home, and firefighters that may have to be called. There’s no reason not to add one today to your home alarm package!

4 Reasons To Add Outdoor Cameras To Your Alarm System

Outdoor cameras are an incredible tool to add to your home alarm system. They provide an additional level of protection to your home. Here is a list of 4 reasons to add them to your security system.

Added Deterrent Value

Guess what? Burglars don’t want to get caught. This is why cameras are a great deterrent to burglars. A visible outdoor camera may sway a burglar thinking about breaking into your home. Strategically placed cameras will make a burglar think twice about attempting to break in. Statistics have shown homes with cameras are significantly less likely to suffer a burglary than those without.

Peace Of Mind

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what happening at your home when you’re away? Curious if you left your lights on? Park your car outdoors and worried about it when you’re away? Want to make sure a package you left outdoors was picked up? An outdoor camera lets you check in on what’s happening outside your home. This peace of mind is incredibly valuable… whether you’re at work or away on vacation.

Never Been Easier To Add

In the past outdoor cameras were expensive and hard to install. They required hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront to purchase. They also needed an electrician to install. Well, that was then and this is now. It’s never been easier to add outdoor cameras to your alarm system. With Think Protection’s new outdoor cameras you can add one for under $200! Plus they are completely wireless. This means they can be installed anywhere. Installation takes minutes, not hours. Anyone can install them regardless of technical acumen.

Incredible Technology

With older cameras, the technology wasn’t nearly as good as new ones. They would take days to install and the quality of video would be horrible. Now that’s not the case. New cameras provide fantastic quality video and are easy to install. Think Protection’s cameras are completely wireless. Image quality is incredible. Our cameras record is 1080p HD and works in both day and night modes. They are weatherproof and have long battery life. You’ll get a better camera with new technology and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.


SimpliSafe vs Think Protection: 3 Major Differences

SimpliSafe and Think Protection are both home alarm companies that serve customers throughout North America. Both popular companies offer low priced do it yourself security solutions. Both companies require no contractual commitment. But while somewhat similar, there are major differences between the two companies, products and services.

Here are 3 major differences between SimpliSafe and Think Protection:

Think Protection’s Mobile App Is Free

SimpliSafe offers monitoring of their home alarm for $14.99/month. This, however, doesn’t include their mobile app. To add the mobile app the customer has to pay an additional $10 every month. This makes the real monthly monitoring $24.99! With Think Protection monthly monitoring of your home alarm is only $12.99. The mobile app is included for free.

SimpliSafe Doesn’t Offer Home Automation

Want to control your thermostat from your smartphone? What about open/close your garage door? Lock your front door remotely? With SimpliSafe you can’t. They don’t offer home automation solutions with their home alarms. Their alarm systems have limited ability. Home automation isn’t a feature they can add. With Think Protection you can add home automation at any time. The control of Think Protection automation is housed within the Think Protection app. This gives Think Protection customers greater control of their systems and better peace of mind. Home automation with Think Protection can be added for $49.99/upfront and then just $1.99/month.

SimpliSafe Doesn’t Have Outdoor Cameras

If you want an outdoor camera with SimpliSafe, you’re out of luck. Their systems are limited in technological abilities and because of this, you can’t add outdoor cameras. This is important since outdoor cameras are becoming more and more a desired feature with home security. With Think Protection you can add indoor and outdoor cameras to your alarm system at any time. This gives customers more options and better security.


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