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3 More Secrets Home Alarm Companies Don’t Want You To Know

At Think Protection, we like to expose certain secrets that have long existed in the security industry. Shoppers deserve to know the truth about the home security industry. So here are 3 more secrets home alarm companies don’t want you to know.

Installers Are Unnecessary, But Certain Companies Are Stuck With Them

Technology in the world of security has come incredibly far. No longer are alarm systems hard to set up. And those installing them don’t need a technical background or certain skill set. So why do companies like ADT, AlarmForce and Vivint still have installers? The reason is because they’re stuck with them. ADT, AlarmForce and Vivint would love to get rid of their installers. The issue is these companies need to somehow justify their long term contracts. They do this by saying an installer is necessary. Plus their older customer base had the installer already, so they are expected for future servicing.

Remember, installers aren’t working for free. There is a significant cost to them. These costs are relayed to the customer. By choosing a company that doesn’t have an installer, you’re saving money and able to install the system on your own schedule. Other companies would love to use this low cost, easy process, but they can’t.

You Don’t Need A Salesperson To “Assess” Your Home In Person

Some alarm companies try to pressure you into having them send over a Salesperson to your home. They say this will help them properly assess your home. How can you know what you need without having someone there to see the premise in person?

The truth is it’s easy to figure out your security needs over the phone. With a few simple questions, a Salesperson with the right training can easy fit your security needs remotely. So why do these companies want to send a Salesperson to your home? To pressure you into signing a contract!

It’s a lot harder to say no to someone in person. Alarm companies know this. This is why some send Salespeople to your home. Never fall for this scam as it may lead to you signing up for services and equipment you didn’t need.

More Equipment Doesn’t Mean More Protection

To properly protect your home you need sensors on every window and door, right? Wrong. The more equipment you have doesn’t necessarily mean more protection. In order to properly secure your home, you need the right amount of equipment. This can easily be figured out through answering a few questions.

The unfortunate reality though is some alarm companies will try to sell you unnecessary equipment. This is because the company makes great money on the equipment. The margins are fantastic, so they try to sell you more and more. And the equipment being sold may provide a false sense of security.

100 window contacts may not provide the same level of protection of 2 motion detectors. But some alarm companies will try to sell you those contacts because they’d make thousands of dollars more!

Go with an alarm company that will provide the proper security solution. More doesn’t always mean better. A smart security package with the right amount of equipment can do the same if not better job than three times that amount.


4 Year Anniversary – AlarmForce Firing Joel Matlin

This week marked the four-year anniversary of the firing of Joel Matlin from AlarmForce, the home alarm company he founded in 1988. Over the 25 years Joel was at AlarmForce, he grew it to be one of the largest home alarm companies in North America. The brand was known throughout Canada, with Matlin being the public face of the company with over $100 million dollars spent on marketing, all of which Joel would be featured in.

Over the past 4 years, much has happened with both Joel and his former company. In 2015, Joel reentered the home alarm space by starting Think Protection with his son Adam (who was also fired along with Joel). Think Protection differs from AlarmForce, as there’s no annual contract, a lower monthly monitoring rate and an award-winning system that can be installed anywhere in North America. With this new technology and strong value proposition, Think Protection has become North America’s fastest growing alarm company.

AlarmForce, however, hasn’t been as successful since the firing of Joel. The CEO that replaced Joel (former CFO Anthony Pizzonia) subsequently stepped down after less than a year on the job. He was replaced by Graham Badun, an individual with no experience in the alarm industry. Furthermore, the Board of Directors responsible for the firing have all since been replaced as well. This has coincided with significant head office turnover plus numerous layoffs. With significant attrition, AlarmForce has suffered net subscriber loss (which at no point occurred during any point of Joel’s tenure at the company). The AlarmForce stock has gone sideways and the company has sold off their US assets.

When asked about the past 4 years, Joel Matlin commented “The firing was a blessing in disguise. I loved AlarmForce, but the Board of Directors at the time fired me. They thought they had a better plan and time has shown they didn’t. The silver lining is that I was able to start Think Protection with my son Adam”.

Joel continued “Over the past 2 years since we launched hundreds of AlarmForce customers have switched to Think since our value proposition includes better technology at a far lower price. With our $12.99/month monthly monitoring rate and with no contract, our value is impossible to beat. And it’s amazing how many former AlarmForce customers have said they switched to Think Protection because they didn’t like how I was fired. It’s a great comeback. We’re able to give these new Think Protection customers a better value and customer service.”

9 Recent Think Protection Reviews From Actual Customers

We continuously get reviews from our customers about our products and services. Our amazing value, cutting edge technology and best price in the industry has made Think Protection North America’s fastest growing home alarm company.

Here are a few recent Think Protection reviews from our customers about their experience:

“Best Bang for your buck! Fast, efficient ,easy, great service!” – Sam

“Perfection! Simple to use. Easy to deal with support. Setup took about 30 minutes. Love the monthly price, and the one time cost to purchase didn’t break the bank. My brother went with Vivint earlier this year, and now he’s stuck in a huge contract, which is what I didn’t want. Would highly recommend this Think Protection.” – Scott

“Simple and peace of mind even when away from home. We have had it for 3 months now We can also access it from our phone which is so convenient. We are very pleased.” – Rachel

“Excellent security monitoring by Think Protection team and helpful technical support. Once the security router slipped while moving furniture and fell down to the floor from a nine inch height. Immediately, I received a call from Think Protection that tampering with the device has been detected. That’s real time monitoring!” – Nasir

“Installing and managing my Think Protection system has been a breeze. Excellent ,patient support. Simple to use yet high tech security gives peace of mind with very little stress in management of the system.” – John

“Convenient and reliable with excellent support and no false alarms. Best of all security systems I have experienced with full cell phone function expandable easily and incredibly reasonable cost.” – Danielle

“Think Protection’s customer service person was very good; answered all of my questions- was a pleasure to deal with.” – Darlene

“Awesome job! The alarm went off when we had an unexpected service man show up at our cottage. The Think Protection app let us know immediately and the local police were dispatched. Although a false alarm, the app worked well and the police came 🙂 Great system that works!” – Alexis

“Great product! Easy to use, inexpensive and way better customer service than Rogers and Alarmforce!” – Kelly

Get your Think Protection home alarm system by calling 1-855-768-4465 or by ordering directly from

AlarmForce Raises Their Prices

AlarmForce prices have risen again. After months of speculation, AlarmForce has stopped their $25/month monitoring rate. Now, AlarmForce packages start at $29.99/month.

AlarmForce has raised their monitoring rate almost $5/month. Over the course of a three-year contract that’s $180 for their standard package!

AlarmForce has shifted their focus. AlarmForce is no longer a low-cost security provider. Instead, they are focused on charging customers high amounts per month for monitoring. The low price model has changed. Now AlarmForce charges $29.99 for their base package and the higher packages go up to $199/upfront and $54.99/month.

All packages come with a 2GIG touchscreen keypad. The keypad requires power to work. All AlarmForce systems also require an installer to set up the system. A large number of other home alarm companies offer the exact same system.

The AlarmForce $25/month price is no longer available.

Why is AlarmForce charging their customers more? The reason is that they are no longer growing at the same rate they used to. With less growth, AlarmForce must make more money off each new customer.

AlarmForce also requires customers to sign a 3-year contract.

AlarmForce is a home alarm company that operates throughout Canada and selected areas of the US. AlarmForce is listed on the TSX.

For the best value, get a Think Protection home alarm system. Think Protection systems are only $12.99/month. There’s no annual contract. Plus all Think Protection systems come with our 3-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. With Think Protection you’ll save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and there’s no long-term contract!

Call 1-855-76-THINK to get your Think Protection system today!


AlarmForce Changes Cancellation Practices: How To Cancel

Good news AlarmForce customers wanting to switch to Think Protection!

AlarmForce announced today that they were changing their home alarm cancellation practices. In the past, to cancel your home security service with AlarmForce, you had to send them to notice, then send back your home alarm system and AlarmForce would continue to charge you your monthly monitoring rates until the system was received at their head office. This is no longer the case. Now from the time of cancellation, you will no longer be charged!

Read about the new cancellation policy here in an article in The Globe and Mail:

If you are unhappy with your AlarmForce home alarm system or the service AlarmForce has provided and are outside your 3-year contract, you can cancel and the monthly billing will stop on the day of cancellation. No longer will you have to pay for the bridge period between cancellation and AlarmForce receiving your leased but sent back home alarm.

With AlarmForce’s system being leased, once you send it back you’ll no longer be protected by their technology and you’ll be free to get a new alarm system with more current features and abilities.

You are able to cancel your AlarmForce home alarm system if you are out of your 3-year contract. If you are currently in your 3-year contract then, unfortunately, you cannot get out of the contract. That’s why you should never sign a long-term contract. You get stuck. Unhappy with your service? Too bad. You are obligated to continue paying, regardless of your satisfaction. If you are out of your contract though, you may cancel.

Cancelling your AlarmForce home alarm system is actually quite easy. To cancel your AlarmForce home alarm, simply call their phone number – 1-800-267-2001. At that point simply tell them you’d like to cancel. You’ll be transferred to Customer Care.

Now more than ever current AlarmForce customers can easily switch to Think Protection!

Remember Think Protection home alarm systems come with $12.99/month monitoring, a full 3-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and our feature rich free mobile app. Plus unlike AlarmForce, Think Protection does not require customers to sign a long-term contract!

Cancel your AlarmForce home alarm today and switch to North America’s fastest growing home alarm company, Think Protection!