Why Think Protection Has No Customer Credit Checks

More and more alarm companies are opting to do credit checks on their customers. Vivint, CPI, and Frontpoint are just a few of the well-known home security companies that make their customers agree to have a credit check done. The question is why do these companies make their customers undergo a credit check and why doesn’t Think Protection have their customers do credit checks?

Vivint, CPI, and Frontpoint make their customers agree to a credit check because they make their customers sign a 3 year (or in some cases 5 year) contract, where the customer in return gets the system for no money upfront. Now as we’ve said before, over the length of the contract the customer ends up paying significantly more than what the system is worth. The company though is limiting their risk, as they view people with bad credit as more likely to not pay their monthly bills which they are obligated to pay by signing the monitoring contract with the company.

Are people with bad credit really less likely to default on their monthly payments? Banks who are providing financing to these companies think so. And because of that, people with bad credit have to pay money upfront or higher monthly fees if they want the same system as those with good credit with these companies. And all of their customers have to agree to be locked into a contract, where the company reserves the right to raise rates at any time and if the customer wants to cancel they must pay a penalty or the remainder of their contract.

In all instances, customers should avoid signing any sort of long-term alarm contract, as the customer will always end up paying more and getting less than those companies without contracts.

With Think Protection, not only is there no contract, but there’s also no credit check required to be undertaken by any of our customers. Good credit, bad credit – we don’t care. With Think Protection, you buy the system from us and it’s yours to own. Then monitoring for your home alarm is just $12.99/month. All you need is a valid credit card and you’re good to go.

And Think Protection’s home alarm is incredibly advanced, where you can do everything you can with any other home alarm system and more! Plus you won’t be locked into a contract, which forces us to provide the absolute best service in the industry because if you’re ever unhappy you can cancel anytime!

Unlike other home alarm companies, we don’t make our customers jump through hoops to get our award-winning alarm system. With Think Protection you’ll get the best at a price that can’t be beaten, even if you have bad credit!

CPI vs. Think Protection: Which Is The Better Choice?

There is no shortage of home alarm companies in North America. One well-known alarm company is CPI Security. With over 115,000 residential accounts, CPI is a regional powerhouse that spends significant sums of money on marketing. The question though is how does CPI’s value proposition compare with Think Protection?

CPI Security is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and they service alarm systems in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The company spends money marketing directly to customers through radio and television. Here is one of their commercials:


In order to compare CPI’s value to Think Protection’s, we need to know their costs and technology.

CPI offers a standard wireless package for “zero down” and $39.99/month and requires a 60-month contract upon the initial sign-up. There is also additional $99 upfront fee for the installation.

Comparing CPI’s price to Think Protection, right away the $39.99/month is over three times higher than Think Protection’s $12.99/month!

With Think Protection there’s no annual contract, as opposed to CPI’s 60-month (5 year) contract. The lack of a contract with Think Protection gives the customer peace of mind of knowing that if they are ever unhappy, they can cancel at any time. With CPI, even if the customer is unhappy, they are contractually obligated to continue paying for the service. No long-term contract ensures top quality customer service because the customer can leave and go elsewhere. Plus, there’s additional peace of mind of knowing that if the company ever decides to raise prices, the customer can cancel.

The savings with Think Protection is enormous. When you compare Think Protection’s $12.99/month monitoring to CPI’s $39.99/month, you’ll save over $1,500 over the term of CPI’s 5-year contract!

Beyond that, CPI has a limited service area. If you move outside those areas, you won’t be able to continue with their service (AND you still may have to pay out the remainder of your contract). However, Think Protection can provide a top-level security solution regardless of where you live within North America.

Here is an apples-to-apples comparison of why you should choose Think Protection over CPI Security:







COST OVER 5-YEARS$979.39$2,498.40

With Think Protection, you save $1,519.01 over 5 years! With CPI Security, you would be paying more than two-and-a-half times as much.

Think Protection’s value proposition is unbeatable. We offer the highest level of home security at the lowest price and provide our customers with the latest technology. With a monthly rate of just $12.99, no other security company comes close to our value. The fact that there is no contract provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that they can cancel at any time. With Think Protection you get the absolute lowest priced home alarm in the industry, the best customer service and the peace of mind of not being locked into a contract!

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Who Is CPI Security And What Do They Offer?

CPI Security is a home alarm company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. CPI installs residential and commercial alarm systems throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Washington DC. CPI Security is privately owned, and their CEO is Ken Gill.

CPI Security is a traditional home alarm company that markets directly to customers through radio/TV. Customers call the company up and receive a sales pitch over the phone. They then either have a salesperson come out to the house or an installer, who then installs the system. CPI installs predominantly wireless home alarm systems which have two-way voice capability. A system without two-way voice starts at $29.95/month, and one with two-way voice is $32.95/month. They also offer remote video surveillance, cellular alarm backup and remote door entry systems, all at additional costs (upfront and monthly).

CPI Security requires a three-year contract for all of their services.

CPI Security is a fair choice for a home alarm, offering good quality equipment and service. The two issues with CPI is the monthly cost and the alarm contract. While not as expensive as Vivint and ADT, CPI’s monthly rates are still significantly higher than other alarm companies. These rates are forced to stay at high levels due to the cost of their overhead (location, staff, installers) and the rebound effect from customers already paying high monthly rates.

Beyond that, the 3-year contract is a red flag for any potential customer. Never lock yourself into any contract with any home alarm company, as this means you are stuck with them even if you are unhappy with the service and quality of product you are receiving. There is no onus on the company to continually strive for top-level service. The contract only benefits the alarm company. 3-year contracts are no longer standing in the alarm industry, and end up serving no benefit to alarm customers.

While CPI Security does offer decent alarm service, the monthly costs and the 3-year contract are both too detrimental to potential customers to overlook. Think protection and value when choosing an alarm system. And remember, when other companies are offering alarm monitoring at $10/month-$20/month, agreeing to a 3-year contract with a company that charges around three times that amount makes no sense.