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What Are 3 Fall Home Security Tips?

It’s Fall. The leaves are changing color and the weather’s getting colder. Kids are busy with school and the holidays are quickly approaching. Fall is associated with great things, but it’s important to not let your guard down during this time of year in regards to protecting your home and family.

Here are 3 fall home security tips:

Rake Your Leaves!

Leaves fall from trees during fall. While this is a pretty visual, it could affect your level of security. Make sure fallen leaves aren’t covering your home alarm lawn signs. Also, make sure fallen leaves aren’t creating areas a burglar can hide behind. A clean, open lawn, makes it harder for burglars to hide. Plus a clean lawn will make your alarm lawn sign stand out. And a lawn sign and window decals are incredible deterrents as they show your home as an alarm system!

Don’t Talk To Strangers!

Fall is a busy time for the door to door salespeople. It could be energy companies trying to get you to buy their heaters/furnaces or oil salespeople. Remember, just because someone is wearing a uniform doesn’t mean they should be trusted. Never trust a door to door salesperson. Too often these are illegitimate salespeople, who will do anything to get a sale. There is no check and balance system with door to door salespeople. Protect yourself and be vigilant. We strongly advise that when someone comes to your door to sell you something, do not even open your door to them. Remember they are a stranger. Be secure and err on the side of caution.

Keep Your Doors Locked

Fall is a great time of year weather-wise. During fall lots of families spend time outside. It could be throwing the football around or going on a bike ride. Whatever you’re doing outside if you are not home make sure your doors are locked. A locked door is the best way to prevent someone from entering your home. And when away always have your home alarm activated. These two things will instantly improve your level of protection.

What Is Alarm Supervision And Why Do You Need It?

You may think that all alarm systems are created equal, but that’s actually not the case. There are certain things that differentiate one system from another. Certain things like price and home automation features are obvious in what makes one system different, however, there are other things that are more subtle, that adds to the difference. Supervision is one of these subtle features, that in truth is incredibly valuable and makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your alarm system.

Supervision means that the system understands the state of all of the contacts at all times. This will then effect if the system can arm, making the customer aware of certain things that may influence the effectiveness of the alarm system.

For example, if you have a window contact incorporated into your system, supervision means that the system will not arm if the window contact is open. Instead, the alarm will tell you that the window contact is open and will either make you close the window to arm the system, or bypass that zone when arming.

Not all alarm systems have supervision included in their systems. For example, AlarmForce does not have supervision in their home alarm systems. They do have it in their AlarmCare PERS product (seniors product), but in a basic home alarm system, it does not. So you can arm your system with a window or door open, and the system will still technically arm, without telling you about the open door or window. This flaw in the system is huge, where the main entry point is open and accessible to a burglar.

Supervision gives the homeowner full knowledge of the status of their system, active and inactive. It allows the homeowner to truly understand that once their system is armed, they are getting the ultimate level of home protection.

All Think Protection home alarms have supervision built into the system. At any point, you can see through the Think Protection app the full status of every piece of equipment in your home alarm system. You can choose to bypass certain parts of your system if you’d like all of your smartphones. This knowledge is unparalleled and provides a superior customer experience and level of protection than AlarmForce.

And supervision is included in all of our systems at no additional charge!

What’s Better: Owning Or Leasing Your Home Alarm System?

You’re thinking of getting a home alarm system. You’ve looked at various companies and compared the systems and the different kind of monitoring. You’re close to making your decision, but one question needs to be answered: is it better to own or lease your home alarm system?

Some home alarm companies will sell you an alarm system while others lease you a system. Both have their advantages, however, you need to truly see the big picture to make a wise decision.


Companies like AlarmForce will lease a home alarm system to you once you sign up for their service. This zero down leasing concept is nice upfront as it doesn’t require the homeowner to put any money down. They do require you though to sign a multi-year contract. With the lease, the company will cover some service, depending on what it is. Sometimes, however, you will still have to pay for the service call. The negatives to leasing are the already mentioned contract (which is a big negative as you’re stuck with the company even if you’re unhappy with their service) and the fact that once the contract is over, you are left with nothing if you were to go to another company. With a lease, you’re paying for something someone else owns, so at the end of the day, you will be left with no ownership and no system.


Some home alarm companies like Simplisafe or Ackerman will sell you a home alarm system. The positives are that you have actual ownership of your alarm system and that you can switch to other monitoring companies if you aren’t happy with your service (if you haven’t signed an alarm contract). A homeowner needs to understand that not all alarm systems are created equal. Some systems can cost $199 while others can go into the thousands of dollars. Beyond that different systems have different features and monitoring capabilities. Ownership provides the customer with options and an asset – pending they don’t spend too much money for their system upfront.

At Think Protection we believe that the customer gets the best value by owning their alarm system. A lease may seem like a good idea upfront, however, over the course of your contract you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars and will be left with nothing at the end. A high value, low-cost alarm system will require you to spend some money upfront, however, in most cases, you’ll be able to pay less for monitoring and will have the asset of ownership. You can also avoid signing a long-term contract and if you’re unhappy with your service you can go elsewhere.

Never lease when you can buy a feature-rich home alarm system at a low cost.

Two Wanted In Break & Enter, Police Chase In Burlington

Two criminals are being sought in a break-in and police chase that happened in Burlington, Ontario. Halton Police are looking for a man and woman who are responsible for this Toronto crime.

The couple broke into a home, where they were confronted by the homeowner. The couple then threatened the homeowner and fled, which led to a police chase. Ultimately the couple got away, and luckily nobody was hurt in the chase. The police are currently searching for the two suspects.

If anyone has any information on the two burglars please contact Halton Police at 905-825-4747 ex. 2316.

For more information about the would-be crime, read the Toronto Star crime story here: http://on.thestar.com/1cQaWeD

This Burlington crime story shows the importance of having a home alarm system, and keeping it armed even when you are home. All home alarm systems have a home mode, where motion sensors are disarmed but perimeter protection is still active. Home mode adds a level of protection, even when there are people inside the home.

Think Protection when home or away.


Is A Home Alarm Lawn Sign Important?

You just signed up for an alarm system. You’re excited since you know your home now has an extra level of protection. You have video, cellular backup, and home automation, you’re fully protected, right? You’ve decided though against putting up a lawn sign in front of your home.

Think again!

Too often people decide not to put a home security company’s lawn sign outside their home. Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or because they simply don’t understand the value, not having a lawn sign outside your home is a bad security decision.

A lawn sign shows any would be burglar that your home is protected with a home security system. Houses with home alarms are three times less likely to be broken into than those without. A lawn sign is a great deterrent to would-be burglars. If you were a burglar and you were considering breaking into a home, which would you target: one with a home alarm or one without?

Keep in mind though that not all lawn signs are created equal. A well-known company’s lawn sign holds more value, as the burglar will know their security offering and that it is a truly monitored system.

Never under any circumstance refuse to put a home security lawn sign outside your home. Place the lawn sign front and center, in front of any bushes or trees so it’s not hidden. Let everyone, including the bad guys, know that your home is protected with a home alarm. Think protection and make the smart security choice!


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