Which No Contract Home Alarm System Is Best?

Looking for a home alarm system that doesn’t require a long term contract? You have a few options. Which is the best no contract home alarm? What are your choices? Let’s compare the offering of a few of them and figure the best value.

Almost all alarm companies require a long term contract. ADT, AlarmForce, Frontpoint, CPI and Vivint all require a 3 year contract. Nest requires a 3-year contract. Xfinity requires a two year contract. Ackerman and Livewatch require a 1-year contract.

The companies that offer a monitored home alarm without a long term contract are Think Protection and Simplisafe. Let’s compare Think Protection and Simplisafe to figure out which is best.


Simplisafe’s packages start at around $220. A comparable package from Think Protection is $250. Equipment prices are similarly priced. The big difference in regards to monthly monitoring price. Think Protection’s monthly monitoring is $12.99/month. That includes access to the Think Protection mobile app. Simplisafe’s monthly monitoring is $14.99/month. When you add the mobile app, it’s an additional $10/month. That’s where the big price difference is. With Think Protection you save $120/year through monitoring. When you consider an alarm owner is with a company for 9 years on average, the savings would be $1080!


The best way to tell the quality of a company’s service is through online review sites. Homestars and Trustpilot are two independent online review sites. These sites vet the review. They make sure the review is actually written by actual customers.  When comparing Simplisafe and Think Protection on Trustpilot, Simplisafe has a 5.2/10 rating and Think Protection has a 8.2/10 rating.


Simplisafe and Think Protection both offer monitoring home security. The mobile app is fairly similar. The security products are all wireless and easy to set up. Both companies offer an indoor video camera. The difference currently is that Think Protection offers an outdoor video camera. Plus Think Protection offers a full suite of smart home products and services. Simplisafe currently does not have an outdoor camera. Simplisafe also does not have smart home services.

Ease of Installation

Simplisafe is a DIY alarm system. The system is easy to set up. Simplisafe walks you through the steps. Installation takes around half an hour. Think Protection is also a DIY alarm system. Installation also takes a half an hour. Think Protection staff walks you through the install over the phone. In regards to ease of DIY installation, it’s a push. Both Simplisafe and Think Protection are easy to install.


When comparing DIY alarm systems, Simplisafe and Think Protection are fairly similar. The price though is more affordable with Think Protection. Think Protection includes the mobile app free. Simplisafe charges more for the mobile app. Think Protection has more selection of product (outdoor video and smart home services). Simplisafe currently does not offer either. Simplisafe and Think Protection both have no annual contract.

When choosing with DIY home alarm system the best choice (best value, lowest price and best technology) is Think Protection.


3 Questions With Think Protection CEO Joel Matlin

At Think Protection we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best value at the best price. Our commitment to customer service comes from the top down. We recently sat down with Think Protection President and CEO Joel Matlin to discuss the importance of delivering top quality value and exceptional customer service.

Question 1: What do you think is the key to Think Protection’s rapid growth?

Joel: At Think Protection, we really care about our customers. We try to think like a customer. What does a customer want? They want the best security. But they want to save money. It’s all about value. At Think, we try to give the customer more than other companies for a fraction of the price. And you can’t just say it, you have to do it. You have to deliver. Provide exceptional customer service, value and technology. And never lock customers down with a contract. If the product and services are the best in the industry, the customer will stay with you regardless of having a contract.

Question 2: What’s the best thing about working at Think Protection?

Joel: We have a tremendous team at Think Protection that really cares about our customers. Everyone at Think Protection works hard to make sure our customers receive exceptional service. We view our customers as our family. And with that said, one thing I love is when I hear directly from our customers. Reading emails, surveys or talking on the phone with our customers. Hearing about how they appreciate the peace of mind we’re able to give them. Or hearing about great experiences they’ve had with our staff during the sale process, installation or a customer care situation. When you hear about how Think Protection helps someone sleep well at home because they know they’re safe – that’s pretty amazing.

Question 3: How has the security industry changed over the past 10 years?

Joel: Technology has improved dramatically. The smartphone has made it where people can have great control over their alarm systems from anywhere. You can now do more with a DIY home alarm than you ever could have before. Installation can be done in 30 minutes, when in the past it would have taken hours. Look at it this way; we sell a battery powered wireless outdoor videocamera. It can be set up in literally minutes. You can watch a live video stream from anywhere through your smartphone. Completely wireless, able to work in all weather conditions and records in 1080p HD. A few years ago, this never would have been able to happen. Now, not only do we have it, we sell it for under $200! That’s what makes Think Protection so exciting. You can get an incredibly advanced alarm system for such a fantastic price. Technology has made it where we’re able to offer more than other companies at a price that can’t be beaten.

Simple Security Tips For Spring

It’s Spring! The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. During Spring it’s important to think about security. Here are a few simple security tips for Spring.

Always Lock Your Door

The warmer weather means more time outdoors. Whether you are going for a walk or a bike ride around the neighbourhood, make sure you always lock your doors. Even if you’re away for a short period of time, a locked door is the easiest way to make it harder for someone to enter your home.

Burglars Love Bushes And Trees 

In Winter bushes and trees have no leaves and are easy to see through. But in spring the leaves come out, which means they can often end up completely blocking some windows. While they make look beautiful, these fully bloomed plants can be great hiding spots for burglars. Especially when they cover a window. A burglar can use hide behind them and then break the window, gaining entry into your home. Always make sure your bushes and trees are trimmed. If the window is a basement window that’s hidden by a bush, perhaps cover the window with some bars, to make it harder to gain entry.

Be Weary of Social Media

More people are prone to traveling in Spring. When posting info about your travels on social media, be aware that if you have a public profile, everyone can see when you’re not home. Even burglars. Put your social media on private. And never share too much information.

Get A Home Alarm And Use It!

Houses with alarms are three times less likely to be broken into than those without. Home alarms work. If you don’t have one, get one. They are a fantastic burglar deterrent. Home alarms only work when they’re armed. When you’re away, always arm your alarm system. When you’re home, arm it in home mode.

5 Things To Know Before Signing A Contract With ADT

Thinking about getting an ADT home alarm system? Here are 5 things to consider before you sign a contract with them.

ADT Requires A Long Term Contract

Did you know that if you decide to have ADT protect your home and family, you’ll have to sign a contract. The contract locks you up for 3 years. During this time, if you’re unhappy you won’t be able to cancel. Contracts never benefit customers. They only benefit the company, as it locks you up.

High Monthly Prices

ADT typically charges anywhere from $30/month up to $60/month for monitoring. Other companies charge significantly less. Do you get anything enhanced with ADT for the price? No. It’s the same basic types of monitoring. Be aware of monthly pricing, as it adds up over time. Higher monthly prices could equal thousands more spent over time.

Can Raise Prices During Contract

You agree to paying $30/month for monitoring. Read the ADT contract. In the contract is a clause that they can raise rates while you’re under contract. That means next year that $30/month may become $35/month. Avoid any company that can raise prices, as they usually will.

Uses Dealers, Which Means Accounts Are Sold

Remember that Sales Rep you met when you were thinking of going with ADT? There’s a good chance that Rep was actually a dealer. A dealer is an independent third party individual. They are affiliated with ADT through their dealer program. The dealer gets the customer to sign a contract with ADT. The dealer then sells the contrac to ADT. That means from that point forward, ADT installs and services the system. The dealer gets paid. So going forward any issues are dealt with not by the person who made the promises to you, but ADT corporate. This means that often the dealer says whatever it takes to make the sale. This could lead to false promises and empty results.

Huge Company – You’re 1 in 8,000,000

ADT has 8 million customers. When companies get this big, it’s hard to give every customer the attention they deserve. Huge companies mean thousands of staff members, long wait times and things falling through the cracks. Think you’re going to get the same Technician over the phone who helped you troubleshoot your last issue? Not going to happen. Plus, often in companies this big, issues get lost in the shuffle. Huge companies also mean huge overhead. Significant infrastructure and staffing costs lots of money. These costs fall to the customers, which means high monitoring rates and hidden charges. Be aware of this before you agree to any contract.

3 Things Every Home Alarm Customer Should Be Doing (And Probably Isn’t)

You own a home alarm system. You’ve had it for a few years. You seem to be happy with your alarm company. Are you really though? Do you even know if your alarm is really protecting you? Here are 3 things every home alarm customer should be doing (and probably currently isn’t).

Test Your System

You’ve had a home alarm system in your home for years and set it every time you leave the house. Do you know though if it’s actually working? Most older alarm systems don’t tell you if all parts of the system are working. Newer systems show you the status of all peripherals of the system. Are the batteries all working? Is the system in proper shape? Older systems are “dumb”, meaning they don’t provide updates on their condition. The user doesn’t even know if all parts of the system work! With this said, test your system regularly. If you have window contacts, are the system and then open the windows. See if they work. Same thing with motion detectors. This is especially true for systems that don’t have an app that shows the status of each piece of equipment!

Check Your Monthly Pricing

The vast majority of alarm companies make you sign a multiyear contract when you sign up for service. During the contract, they reserve the right to raise your monthly monitoring rates. And most do. Some raise it a dollar every year. Others may raise rates a few bucks yearly. Just because a company said your rate is $25, doesn’t mean it will be a few years down the line. And there’s a good chance you don’t know what you’re paying because it’s a direct withdrawal from your bank account. Most people don’t even check their bank statements. Always check how much you’re really being charged. Also, understand when your contract ends, so if you are unhappy you can switch to a different company to monitor your system.

Always Be Researching

Just because you have a home alarm system in your home, doesn’t mean there are better ones out there. You wouldn’t use a 12-year-old cellphone. Why would you protect your home with a 12-year-old alarm system? Technology is constantly improving. And there’s nothing more important than your security. With that said, always update your home security. If a newer better alarm system exists, then get it for your home. Do your homework and research online.