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What Is Abode?

Abode is a new home security product that is currently on Kickstarter. The company was created by a former ADT executive along with an executive from Abode is a self-install home alarm system complete with remote arming capabilities and home automation. The company says that Abode will come with an upfront fee and then a monthly monitoring charge. It will not, however, have an annual contract.

The Abode system is a nice looking unit, where the central panel was designed to be displayed out in the open. It is stylishly designed, very appropriate for a product that originated in Silicon Valley. The unit seems to provide a good level of protection, however, without any actual clients in the field, the product is quite untested.

One issue I can see with the Abode system is that the peripherals are clunky. They were designed with a style over substance philosophy. With other smaller door contacts and window contacts available that do a superior job in providing outstanding protection, I don’t understand why the designers opted for such a large contract. With such an emphasis on cutting-edge style, such large contacts look like something from the 90’s.

I’m unsure what the future holds for Abode. With such competition in the self-install home alarm space, they will have to find a way to distinguish themselves from the Simplisafe’s and Protect America’s of the world. Whether they do this with value or with enhanced services, time will tell. As of April 7th, they have raised half or their Kickstarter goal of $100,000. We’ll see if there’s enough interest going forward to bring Abode to market. However, from the limited information I’ve been able to gather on the product, it seems as if it’s a good start to a home security system. They might be on to something. We shall see.

What Is The Canary Smart Home Security System?

Canary Smart Home Security System announced on March 5th that they have secured a $10 million in funding for their single unit smart home security solution. The product was first featured on Kickstarter and raised over $1.2 million in funding.

The Canary product is still being developed and is not currently being sold. The unit will cost around $200, and contains sensors and a camera. The idea is that the unit can do most things a traditional home security system can do. It has certain learning features, where it will supposedly understand the movements within the house, and then when activated if any movements seem unusual it will trigger.

The unit is self-monitored through a users smartphone, where the user can watch the camera, see video and arm and disarm the system.

There is currently no outside monitoring solution.

While the idea for the Canary Home Monitored Security System seems novel, unfortunately, it can’t do everything a traditional home alarm system can. It has definite limitations. If you live in a small apartment, or a trailer home then the unit may well be enough to protect yourself. Beyond that, it simply doesn’t have the functionality that a system with more equipment has. Multiple motion detectors located throughout the house adds more security value than a standalone unit.

Beyond that, if the unit does not have outside monitoring capabilities then the true level of protection is suspect. What if the homeowner is in a meeting and can’t look at their smartphone or if the user’s phone is dead? In both of those examples the system then simply becomes a local alarm providing little deterrent value.

The Canary Smart Home Security System seems like a product that would be found at The Sharper Image or Brookstone. It’s a cool concept that in reality has little true value as a security solution. If someone is really looking for a real way to protect their home and family then a traditional security system, with increased features and equipment that is strategically placed throughout the house continues to be the ideal form of security.

Here’s the Techcrunch article on Canary’s latest round of funding:



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