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How Can Newlyweds Protect Themselves?

Congratulations! You took the plunge and got married!

Marriage can be one of the most rewarding events in your life, and a time for great celebration. You are building a life together with a partner and the future is incredibly bright! What could possibly bring this feeling down? The state of euphoria known as the honeymoon phase brings a lot of highs, but that feeling won’t protect you from possible danger, so you have to plan to keep you, your partner and your future safe.  Here are some tips for Newlyweds:

– When planning your honeymoon, ensure that you prepare everything well in advance.  Pick a resort with good reviews in an area that is reputable.  Avoid potentially dangerous situations such as taking cabs alone or late nights on the beach.  Make sure your friends and family know where you are staying and have an emergency contact number you can be reached at, and make sure you know where the nearest embassy is.  Finally, make sure your passport is up to date and keep it locked up in your hotel room’s safe.- Get insurance for your home before you leave.  You are building a life together, so protect your assets from something catastrophic.  If anything happens while you are away, you want to be protected financially.

– Practice general safety online.  You will feel tempted to post a countdown to your honeymoon on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus so that all of your friends and family know how excited you are, but it’s never wise to advertise that your home will be unprotected for an extended period of time.  Do you really know every person on your friends list?  Are your privacy settings enough to stop strangers from looking at your profile?  Wait until you are home to post how great the trip was and that picture of you swimming with dolphins.

-You have your trip booked, your online privacy protected and insurance to protect you in case of the worst.  What else will you need?  Undoubtedly, every newlywed needs to invest in a home security system.  You need to Think Protection.  The benefits of protecting your home with Think Protection are numerous.  The insurance plan you just got?  You should get a big discount on it by having a home alarm.  The person who checked out Facebook and wanted to check out your home?  They will be frightened off by our live two-way voice alarm system.  And you will feel tremendous peace of mind knowing you will come back to a safe and secure home.

Newlyweds need to protect their future lives together and you need protection from a real security company.  Rogers, AT&T, Protect America, Frontpoint, Comcast Xfinity and other cable providers are not truly focused on home protection.  Other providers such as ADT and Vivint are expensive and as a newlywed, every dollar counts.

Think price, think protection, think value when choosing your home security company!

Here’s to a great future!

5 Safety Tips For University Students

Going away to university or college is a very exciting time.  You’re independent and living away from the watchful eyes of your parents for the first time.  But as well as looking forward to your new found freedom, aren’t you just a tad nervous?

You’ve thought about your courses, your tuition and your housing.  What about your personal safety and security?  It’s of prime importance that you take steps to safeguard that too.  That being said, read on for a few security tips.

1. Safety-proof your new home

It might seem obvious, but a door left propped open or a window unlocked is an invitation for trouble. Leave lights on or music playing to make it appear someone is home. Consider using sensor and timing systems to control lighting. Make sure everyone has a key, and avoid hiding one outside to thwart intruders looking for one.

2. Have a plan and let a roommate know

If you’re going out, let friends know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Knowing your plans will help them identify any problem later.

3. Travel in numbers

Use the good old-fashioned buddy system — walk in pairs, especially at night. At night, stick to well-lit paths and don’t take short cuts. Another great security tip for college students is to always have an eye on their drinks. Whether at a party or hanging out in the dorm, a student should never leave any drink unattended. Even if left for a short time, a drink can be compromised. Students should get a new drink instead of going back to the old one.

4. Watch what you post online

Tough as it might be to resist Tweeting your every move, avoid posting daily activities that include details of your whereabouts and evening plans. It’s common for students to post status updates of vacations or weekends away, but that can leave you and your home vulnerable.

5. Report suspicious behaviour

Most campuses have a “panic phone” system. Know where these are. Don’t second-guess yourself. If you feel unsafe or see something suspicious, get away as quickly as possible and report it to campus police.


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