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4 Reasons To Add Outdoor Cameras To Your Alarm System

Outdoor cameras are an incredible tool to add to your home alarm system. They provide an additional level of protection to your home. Here is a list of 4 reasons to add them to your security system.

Added Deterrent Value

Guess what? Burglars don’t want to get caught. This is why cameras are a great deterrent to burglars. A visible outdoor camera may sway a burglar thinking about breaking into your home. Strategically placed cameras will make a burglar think twice about attempting to break in. Statistics have shown homes with cameras are significantly less likely to suffer a burglary than those without.

Peace Of Mind

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what happening at your home when you’re away? Curious if you left your lights on? Park your car outdoors and worried about it when you’re away? Want to make sure a package you left outdoors was picked up? An outdoor camera lets you check in on what’s happening outside your home. This peace of mind is incredibly valuable… whether you’re at work or away on vacation.

Never Been Easier To Add

In the past outdoor cameras were expensive and hard to install. They required hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront to purchase. They also needed an electrician to install. Well, that was then and this is now. It’s never been easier to add outdoor cameras to your alarm system. With Think Protection’s new outdoor cameras you can add one for under $200! Plus they are completely wireless. This means they can be installed anywhere. Installation takes minutes, not hours. Anyone can install them regardless of technical acumen.

Incredible Technology

With older cameras, the technology wasn’t nearly as good as new ones. They would take days to install and the quality of video would be horrible. Now that’s not the case. New cameras provide fantastic quality video and are easy to install. Think Protection’s cameras are completely wireless. Image quality is incredible. Our cameras record is 1080p HD and works in both day and night modes. They are weatherproof and have long battery life. You’ll get a better camera with new technology and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.


9 Recent Think Protection Reviews From Actual Customers

We continuously get reviews from our customers about our products and services. Our amazing value, cutting edge technology and best price in the industry has made Think Protection North America’s fastest growing home alarm company.

Here are a few recent Think Protection reviews from our customers about their experience:

“Best Bang for your buck! Fast, efficient ,easy, great service!” – Sam

“Perfection! Simple to use. Easy to deal with support. Setup took about 30 minutes. Love the monthly price, and the one time cost to purchase didn’t break the bank. My brother went with Vivint earlier this year, and now he’s stuck in a huge contract, which is what I didn’t want. Would highly recommend this Think Protection.” – Scott

“Simple and peace of mind even when away from home. We have had it for 3 months now We can also access it from our phone which is so convenient. We are very pleased.” – Rachel

“Excellent security monitoring by Think Protection team and helpful technical support. Once the security router slipped while moving furniture and fell down to the floor from a nine inch height. Immediately, I received a call from Think Protection that tampering with the device has been detected. That’s real time monitoring!” – Nasir

“Installing and managing my Think Protection system has been a breeze. Excellent ,patient support. Simple to use yet high tech security gives peace of mind with very little stress in management of the system.” – John

“Convenient and reliable with excellent support and no false alarms. Best of all security systems I have experienced with full cell phone function expandable easily and incredibly reasonable cost.” – Danielle

“Think Protection’s customer service person was very good; answered all of my questions- was a pleasure to deal with.” – Darlene

“Awesome job! The alarm went off when we had an unexpected service man show up at our cottage. The Think Protection app let us know immediately and the local police were dispatched. Although a false alarm, the app worked well and the police came 🙂 Great system that works!” – Alexis

“Great product! Easy to use, inexpensive and way better customer service than Rogers and Alarmforce!” – Kelly

Get your Think Protection home alarm system by calling 1-855-768-4465 or by ordering directly from

AlarmForce Changes Cancellation Practices: How To Cancel

Good news AlarmForce customers wanting to switch to Think Protection!

AlarmForce announced today that they were changing their home alarm cancellation practices. In the past, to cancel your home security service with AlarmForce, you had to send them to notice, then send back your home alarm system and AlarmForce would continue to charge you your monthly monitoring rates until the system was received at their head office. This is no longer the case. Now from the time of cancellation, you will no longer be charged!

Read about the new cancellation policy here in an article in The Globe and Mail:

If you are unhappy with your AlarmForce home alarm system or the service AlarmForce has provided and are outside your 3-year contract, you can cancel and the monthly billing will stop on the day of cancellation. No longer will you have to pay for the bridge period between cancellation and AlarmForce receiving your leased but sent back home alarm.

With AlarmForce’s system being leased, once you send it back you’ll no longer be protected by their technology and you’ll be free to get a new alarm system with more current features and abilities.

You are able to cancel your AlarmForce home alarm system if you are out of your 3-year contract. If you are currently in your 3-year contract then, unfortunately, you cannot get out of the contract. That’s why you should never sign a long-term contract. You get stuck. Unhappy with your service? Too bad. You are obligated to continue paying, regardless of your satisfaction. If you are out of your contract though, you may cancel.

Cancelling your AlarmForce home alarm system is actually quite easy. To cancel your AlarmForce home alarm, simply call their phone number – 1-800-267-2001. At that point simply tell them you’d like to cancel. You’ll be transferred to Customer Care.

Now more than ever current AlarmForce customers can easily switch to Think Protection!

Remember Think Protection home alarm systems come with $12.99/month monitoring, a full 3-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and our feature rich free mobile app. Plus unlike AlarmForce, Think Protection does not require customers to sign a long-term contract!

Cancel your AlarmForce home alarm today and switch to North America’s fastest growing home alarm company, Think Protection!


What Are 3 Home Security Life Hacks?

3 HOME SECURITY LIFE HACKS_01A-01We all want to live securely in our homes. A home alarm system is a key to protecting our loved ones and valuables, but there are other simple things you can do to add an increased level of security. Here are 3 simple home security life hacks.

Keep Your Valuables Somewhere Other Than Your Bedroom

Regardless of how a burglar gets into your home, the place they want to target is your bedroom as they know that’s where the vast majority of people keep their valuables. Jewelry, cheques, cash and other items of value can be found in most people’s master bedroom. A great and easy security life hack is to keep these items somewhere else in your home. Hide them in a different room. Keep things hidden somewhere creative. Don’t use your drawer in your bedroom or your closet as that’s the first place a burglar will look when they break into your home. Be clever, smart and sneaky and outsmart any would-be burglar!

Get A Dog (Or Pretend You Have One)

While a home alarm is the best way to deter a burglar (homes with alarm systems are 3-times less likely to have a break-in that those without), another great deterrent is having a dog. While having a dog may not be for everyone, making it seem like you have one (even if you don’t) can be a great deterrent. Keep a dog bowl outside your home or get a “Beware of Dog” sign. In some cases, perception is just as important as reality, and a burglar will move on to the next home if they believe that a large dog is present inside a home. Nobody wants to be bitten by a guard dog.

Light Up The Night!

While most break-ins happen during the day, a large number happen at night as well. With that in mind, a great deterrent is lighting. Either use full-time external lights outside your home. Motion detected lights are also great, as they’ll use less energy and keep your bills low. Make sure you have proper lighting since no burglar wants to get caught a home that’s well lit will usually make the burglar think twice about attempting to break in.

When protecting your home and family, always Think Protection and take the necessary steps to maximize your security!

5 Reasons To Switch Your Alarm To Think Protection

In North America there are over 5000 home alarm companies, each claiming they can protect your home and family best. The truth is though that nobody comes close to Think Protection in regards to value and service. Here are 5 reasons why you should cancel your current alarm provider and switch to Think Protection:

1. We the best price in the industry

No other home alarm company comes close to our value. Our monitoring is only $12.99/month. Adding ThinkLink cellular backup is only $99.99/upfront and just $3.99/month. So if you want a dual transition to our central station you’re monitoring is only $16.98! You can add home automation for only $49.99/upfront and just $1.99/month. Our prices are by far the best in the industry and you’ll get an amazing home alarm system with incredible features!

2. There’s no annual contract!

Other home alarm companies make you sign a multi-year contract when you sign up for their services. Not Think Protection. Unlike AlarmForce, ADT, Vivint, and Frontpoint, Think Protection has no annual contract. If you’re ever unhappy you can cancel your monitoring at any time. This confidence in our service and value is unparalleled and shows that Think Protection cares about our customers. Choose a company that gives you the option to cancel if you’re ever unhappy!

3. All Think Protection alarm systems come with a 30-Day money back guarantee!

If you have any worries or concerns about your Think Protection home alarm system, rest easy knowing that all Think Protection systems come with a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee. You can test out the system and if you decide you don’t want it, you can send it back and we’ll refund you the full purchase price. You’ll have full peace of mind, where you’ll get your Think Protection system backed with the best guarantee in the industry!

4. Our mobile app is included free!

Most home alarm companies charge their customers a premium if they’re including access to their mobile app. At Think Protection our mobile app is included free, where all customers get full access on both iPhone and Android. You can arm and disarm your system remotely, see a full history of alarm events and control certain settings in your system. Plus if you have home automation, you can control your door locks, thermostat, and lights all through the app!

5. Think Protection’s cutting-edge technology!

Certain home alarm companies use old outdated technology, which hasn’t been updated in years. At Think Protection we believe that all systems need to use the most advanced technology. Our home alarm systems have won numerous awards and will provide you and your family with incredible peace of mind. Plus our systems have the ability to have software updates pushed directly to the system, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest. This saves you money and insures that you’ll always have the most advanced system with the newest features.