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SimpliSafe vs Think Protection: 3 Major Differences

SimpliSafe and Think Protection are both home alarm companies that serve customers throughout North America. Both popular companies offer low priced do it yourself security solutions. Both companies require no contractual commitment. But while somewhat similar, there are major differences between the two companies, products and services.

Here are 3 major differences between SimpliSafe and Think Protection:

Think Protection’s Mobile App Is Free

SimpliSafe offers monitoring of their home alarm for $14.99/month. This, however, doesn’t include their mobile app. To add the mobile app the customer has to pay an additional $10 every month. This makes the real monthly monitoring $24.99! With Think Protection monthly monitoring of your home alarm is only $12.99. The mobile app is included for free.

SimpliSafe Doesn’t Offer Home Automation

Want to control your thermostat from your smartphone? What about open/close your garage door? Lock your front door remotely? With SimpliSafe you can’t. They don’t offer home automation solutions with their home alarms. Their alarm systems have limited ability. Home automation isn’t a feature they can add. With Think Protection you can add home automation at any time. The control of Think Protection automation is housed within the Think Protection app. This gives Think Protection customers greater control of their systems and better peace of mind. Home automation with Think Protection can be added for $49.99/upfront and then just $1.99/month.

SimpliSafe Doesn’t Have Outdoor Cameras

If you want an outdoor camera with SimpliSafe, you’re out of luck. Their systems are limited in technological abilities and because of this, you can’t add outdoor cameras. This is important since outdoor cameras are becoming more and more a desired feature with home security. With Think Protection you can add indoor and outdoor cameras to your alarm system at any time. This gives customers more options and better security.

4 Reasons You’ll Love The Think Protection Mobile App

With every Think Protection home alarm system, access to the mobile app is included FREE. The app is easy to use and feature-rich, giving our customers the absolute experience while receiving state of the art home security. Here are 4 reasons why our smartphone app the best in the industry:

  • It’s Free!

At Think Protection, our mobile app comes with our monthly monitoring rate of $12.99 with no contract. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. Many other alarm companies, such AlarmForce, ADT, Simplisafe or Frontpoint charge extra for their app or for remote arming/disarming the alarm system. Every smart phone user in the house will also have access to the mobile app – it isn’t limited to just one user.

  • You Have Full Remote Control

Your mobile device gives you the power to control your alarm system at any distance. You could in Tokyo and you would still be able to remotely arm/disarm your system. This allows you to stay connected and monitor the system, even if you’re halfway across the world. We give you the freedom and flexibility to always have your system active – giving you the best security at all times.

  • Home Automation Features

Our mobile app allows you to add full home automation capabilities to your home alarm service at any time within the same app. You can do things like controlling your thermostat, lock/unlock doors, open your garage and turn on and off lights.

  • Easy To Use

Our smartphone app is incredibly easy to use. The app was designed with our customers in mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech expert or a smartphone newbie, you’ll easily navigate our app and have full control over your Think Protection home alarm system!

If you would like more information, please call us at 1-855-76-THINK (1-855-76-4465). View our website, Facebook or Twitter for more information.


What’s Better: Owning Or Leasing Your Home Alarm System?

You’re thinking of getting a home alarm system. You’ve looked at various companies and compared the systems and the different kind of monitoring. You’re close to making your decision, but one question needs to be answered: is it better to own or lease your home alarm system?

Some home alarm companies will sell you an alarm system while others lease you a system. Both have their advantages, however, you need to truly see the big picture to make a wise decision.


Companies like AlarmForce will lease a home alarm system to you once you sign up for their service. This zero down leasing concept is nice upfront as it doesn’t require the homeowner to put any money down. They do require you though to sign a multi-year contract. With the lease, the company will cover some service, depending on what it is. Sometimes, however, you will still have to pay for the service call. The negatives to leasing are the already mentioned contract (which is a big negative as you’re stuck with the company even if you’re unhappy with their service) and the fact that once the contract is over, you are left with nothing if you were to go to another company. With a lease, you’re paying for something someone else owns, so at the end of the day, you will be left with no ownership and no system.


Some home alarm companies like Simplisafe or Ackerman will sell you a home alarm system. The positives are that you have actual ownership of your alarm system and that you can switch to other monitoring companies if you aren’t happy with your service (if you haven’t signed an alarm contract). A homeowner needs to understand that not all alarm systems are created equal. Some systems can cost $199 while others can go into the thousands of dollars. Beyond that different systems have different features and monitoring capabilities. Ownership provides the customer with options and an asset – pending they don’t spend too much money for their system upfront.

At Think Protection we believe that the customer gets the best value by owning their alarm system. A lease may seem like a good idea upfront, however, over the course of your contract you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars and will be left with nothing at the end. A high value, low-cost alarm system will require you to spend some money upfront, however, in most cases, you’ll be able to pay less for monitoring and will have the asset of ownership. You can also avoid signing a long-term contract and if you’re unhappy with your service you can go elsewhere.

Never lease when you can buy a feature-rich home alarm system at a low cost.

What’s Better: Monitored Or Self-Monitored Alarm?

You’re thinking about getting a home alarm system. You’ve looked at a few options and are wondering to yourself what kind should you get: one that comes with professional monitoring or a self-monitored system, where only you and a select contact list are notified if an alarm is triggered. How can you make a smart decision?

There is no shortage of options for a self-monitored alarm system and a monitored alarm system. Companies like ADT, AlarmForce, Simplisafe, CPI, and Ackerman offer a traditional monitored home alarm system, while companies like Canary and Dropcam have a self-monitored solution. What’s the difference between self-monitored and professionally monitored alarms?

When a professionally monitored home security system is tripped a signal is sent to the monitoring station who can then assess the situation and then contact the police if necessary. A self-monitored system only notifies the homeowner through a text, email or automated phone call.

If the homeowner is busy or doesn’t have their phone on them, then they can’t deal with whatever situation is occurring. Plus, if they are far from their home, they may know that the alarm was tripped but can’t get any information beyond that. Self-monitored systems rely solely on the homeowner to resolve the situation, which may not always be possible.

A professionally monitored system has the monitoring station involved in the assessing process and the dispatching of whatever first responder is needed. This provides unmatched peace of mind and a response regardless of the homeowner’s activities or location.

While a self-monitored system is better than nothing, it doesn’t come close to the value that a professionally monitored home alarm provides. The peace of mind and level of security is unparalleled, giving the homeowner a better response and ultimately better security.

Remember though that not all alarm systems are created equal, so do your research on what type of alarm monitoring they provide, if their central station is a 5-diamond certified central station if they have an alarm contract and also the monthly price should factor into your decision. Think Protection and make an informed choice.

What Is Abode?

Abode is a new home security product that is currently on Kickstarter. The company was created by a former ADT executive along with an executive from Abode is a self-install home alarm system complete with remote arming capabilities and home automation. The company says that Abode will come with an upfront fee and then a monthly monitoring charge. It will not, however, have an annual contract.

The Abode system is a nice looking unit, where the central panel was designed to be displayed out in the open. It is stylishly designed, very appropriate for a product that originated in Silicon Valley. The unit seems to provide a good level of protection, however, without any actual clients in the field, the product is quite untested.

One issue I can see with the Abode system is that the peripherals are clunky. They were designed with a style over substance philosophy. With other smaller door contacts and window contacts available that do a superior job in providing outstanding protection, I don’t understand why the designers opted for such a large contract. With such an emphasis on cutting-edge style, such large contacts look like something from the 90’s.

I’m unsure what the future holds for Abode. With such competition in the self-install home alarm space, they will have to find a way to distinguish themselves from the Simplisafe’s and Protect America’s of the world. Whether they do this with value or with enhanced services, time will tell. As of April 7th, they have raised half or their Kickstarter goal of $100,000. We’ll see if there’s enough interest going forward to bring Abode to market. However, from the limited information I’ve been able to gather on the product, it seems as if it’s a good start to a home security system. They might be on to something. We shall see.