Don’t Trust Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Commercials

If you live in Canada then there’s a good chance you’ve seen Rogers Smart Home Monitoring television commercials. These commercials show the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring system, with their touchscreen keypad and video cameras, along with certain home automation capabilities. The commercials offer a general overview of the system. They don’t go in depth, however, they demonstrate various features on a high level.

So what’s the problem with these commercials?

The Rogers Smart Home TV commercials (along with their radio spots) aren’t effective because they miss one massive thing that is truly the most important things to the customer – the price of the services and if a contract is required for service. By not including these two incredibly important points, the commercial, in essence, provides no value.

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring is trying to hide the fact that the system is expensive and that the customer must agree to a long-term contract in order to get the services. The price for their entry-level home automation package with their home security services is $39.99/month with a 24-month contract.

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring decided to not include the pricing in their commercials because they understand that their offering is expensive. Certain other companies do the same thing in their ads as well, show particular elements of the system and avoid the pricing and fine print details until the customer is on the phone. Then use high-pressure tactics to get them to sign up because once they’re on the phone it’s hard for them to compare pricing and value propositions.

The lesson is that when watching TV commercials or listening to the radio, if the home alarm company doesn’t talk about their prices and contractual demands, then odds are they’re doing this for a reason. Be aware of prices and contract lengths and if possible avoid signing a contract at all times.

Who Are The Biggest Alarm Companies In Canada?

There are some major alarm companies that operate in Canada. Some are national while others do business in certain selected areas. Each company brings different positives and negatives to the table, either through their value propositions or the technology they make available to their customers. Here are a few of the biggest names in the Canadian home security landscape:


ADT is an American home alarm company that does business throughout Canada as well. ADT provides a traditional home alarm system that is installed with an installer. They do business both direct to consumer and also through dealers. ADT provides a standard service, along with cellular backup and two-way voice. ADT is the largest worldwide provider of security, protecting over 4 million customers. Beyond that, they are by far the largest home alarm company in Canada. ADT’s alarm systems range in monthly pricing from $28/month to over $50/month. There is usually an upfront charge as well as a 3-year contract.

– AlarmForce

AlarmForce is the largest provider of live two-way voice home alarm systems in Canada. Based in Toronto, AlarmForce protects over 140,000 customers throughout Canada and selected areas of the US. AlarmForce offers a $25/month home alarm system, with no upfront fee. The system is installed by AlarmForce and a 3-year contract is required. AlarmForce offers additional services, like their VideoRelay video surveillance system and AlarmCare personal emergency response product, at additional monthly charges. AlarmForce does not have a dealer program and has their own central monitoring station.

– Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring is a service provided by Rogers Communications. They currently install home alarm systems throughout Ontario and selected parts of BC. Rogers systems start at around $35/month and require a multi-year contract. They also make you pay some funds upfront for part of the installation and equipment. The Smart Home panel is a touchpad, and for additional costs, you can get two-way voice in your system. Rogers only sells Smart Home Monitoring through their call center and all service issues are dealt with through their call center as well. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring alarm systems are monitored by Northern 911, a central station based out of Sudbury, Ontario.

– Protectron

Protectron was recently purchased by ADT, however, the Protectron brand is still in operation separately from ADT. Protectron was the third largest Canadian home alarm company at the time of their purchase by ADT. Protectron offers a standard home alarm system, priced around $30/month.