How Does Think Protection Do Our Online Reviews?

At Think Protection, we value the input of our customers. We ongoingly ask our customers to let us know how we’re doing. Are our customers happy with us? We want to know. Customer reviews are very important to us.

We have enlisted the help of two online review companies. These companies, Trustpilot and Homestars, allow customers to review their experience with Think Protection. Trustpilot and Homestars vet the reviews to make sure they are submitted by real customers. The responses cannot be tampered with. They are 100% real.

We ongoingly ask our customers to review us on both sites. We want future customers to hear about our customers positive experiences. All negative postings are looked into, as we want to make sure we troubleshoot wherever possible to make our customers happy.

We do not cherry pick who can review. We proactively ask our entire base of customers to review us. We feel this gives a real sense as to how our customers view us. Potential customers can make an informed decision. Plus, Think Protection management can assess our staff, product, services and value to make sure customers get the best experience in the industry.

Think Protection has an 8.1/10 on Trustpilot. We also have an 8.8/10 rating on Homestars.

We will continue to survey our customers to provide the best customer experience in the industry. You can read our Trustpilot reviews here – and our Homestars reviews here –

Think Protection Customer Reviews

We recently asked all of our customers what they thought about is. This was done through Trustpilot. Unlike other companies, we didn’t filter any customers out. The survey was sent to all customers. The results were incredibly positive. Resoundingly, our customers said they love our value, technology and incredible customer service!

Here are some of the great reviews we received:

“Staff are informed and focused on customer service. All requests for information and product were very well handled in a timely fashion.” – E. G.

“Easy easy. My representative was VERY patient while we discussed the best choices for my new home. The order arrived promptly, and everyone I dealt with was professional, knowledgeable and patient. Camera was back order, so it is not yet installed. Everything else works great.” – K. B.

“I just would to take this opportunity to share my experience of recently signing up for the Think Protection alarm system. I initially called Marc in sales, to find out more about the system and what the company had to offer. Great initial experience to speak to him. He was very calm, clear in his explanation and answered all my questions as well shared his recommendations. At no time he tried to over sell the system to me. As a matter of fact he suggested I start with the basic system when I explained my house layout to him. I also remember calling him three times with questions and all that three times he was polite and very professional.

Once I had my parts picked up, I called the technical service for guiding me through the installations. I spoke with Fernando the first time, then spoke with Jan after I had more items added to add and finally Sansee to activate the system after testing it. Great technicians the company has. Very professional and took time to go through proper expatiation few times without any frustrations.” – Sam

“Best deal for your money” – V.S.

“Totally love this product. I have recommended it to several people. Thank you for making it easy and affordable.” – M.S.

“Love my security system! So far so good! I love the camera and I love the easy use of the app. Just need to figure out how to make it record now, but overall great work!” – D.G.

“Great service great price affordable to my budget” – G.R.

“Very good system I am so glad I order my think protection system, and I am extra thankful for the affordable monthly price.” – Y.C.

“Absolutely no complaints and easy setup. Great price point as well.” – D.D.

“Excellent customer support their equipment is very easy to install and their call center phones right away if an alarm is sent , excellent feeling of security.” – N.M.

“Awesome. Got the package I wanted within two days. Installation was a breeze. Called the 1-855 number and an associate helped me activate and confirm each sensor and alarm. All my questions were answered. System works well, receive activity notifications on my phone within seconds. All this for a 1/3 of what I was paying before.” – P.

We would like to thank our customers for choosing Think Protection and will continue to work hard to keep you and your families safe with the best value in the industry!

9 Recent Think Protection Reviews From Actual Customers

We continuously get reviews from our customers about our products and services. Our amazing value, cutting edge technology and best price in the industry has made Think Protection North America’s fastest growing home alarm company.

Here are a few recent Think Protection reviews from our customers about their experience:

“Best Bang for your buck! Fast, efficient ,easy, great service!” – Sam

“Perfection! Simple to use. Easy to deal with support. Setup took about 30 minutes. Love the monthly price, and the one time cost to purchase didn’t break the bank. My brother went with Vivint earlier this year, and now he’s stuck in a huge contract, which is what I didn’t want. Would highly recommend this Think Protection.” – Scott

“Simple and peace of mind even when away from home. We have had it for 3 months now We can also access it from our phone which is so convenient. We are very pleased.” – Rachel

“Excellent security monitoring by Think Protection team and helpful technical support. Once the security router slipped while moving furniture and fell down to the floor from a nine inch height. Immediately, I received a call from Think Protection that tampering with the device has been detected. That’s real time monitoring!” – Nasir

“Installing and managing my Think Protection system has been a breeze. Excellent ,patient support. Simple to use yet high tech security gives peace of mind with very little stress in management of the system.” – John

“Convenient and reliable with excellent support and no false alarms. Best of all security systems I have experienced with full cell phone function expandable easily and incredibly reasonable cost.” – Danielle

“Think Protection’s customer service person was very good; answered all of my questions- was a pleasure to deal with.” – Darlene

“Awesome job! The alarm went off when we had an unexpected service man show up at our cottage. The Think Protection app let us know immediately and the local police were dispatched. Although a false alarm, the app worked well and the police came 🙂 Great system that works!” – Alexis

“Great product! Easy to use, inexpensive and way better customer service than Rogers and Alarmforce!” – Kelly

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