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Toronto Police Begin Using Bodycams

Starting Monday, May 18th, 2015, a small test group of Toronto Police will begin using bodycams. These small cameras will be situated on the police officers and will be turned on throughout the day, whenever the police officer is in contact with a civilian.

Cameras are a fantastic way to document activities, in regards to both the police officer and the civilian. With video, there is a much smaller grey area in regards to events. In light of the various situations throughout North America in regards to police officers and the general public, body cameras are a fantastic tool to create a great check and balance system.

All camera surveillance systems, whether a body camera or a home security video system, provide video evidence. This can be used to help put away criminals or to prove innocence. There is no better form of evidence that video.

Certain groups are worried that bodycams will infringe on certain individual rights.

At Think Protection, we understand how difficult a job it is to be a police officer and are supporters of the Toronto Police Department, who we believe provide ongoing top quality work throughout the community. Bodycams are a great tool to help the police do their job effectively, as it reinforces positive behavior, as all parties involved in any police situation know they may be filmed.

To read more about the Toronto Police bodycam test, here is a link to a recent article in the Toronto Star –

Two Wanted In Break & Enter, Police Chase In Burlington

Two criminals are being sought in a break-in and police chase that happened in Burlington, Ontario. Halton Police are looking for a man and woman who are responsible for this Toronto crime.

The couple broke into a home, where they were confronted by the homeowner. The couple then threatened the homeowner and fled, which led to a police chase. Ultimately the couple got away, and luckily nobody was hurt in the chase. The police are currently searching for the two suspects.

If anyone has any information on the two burglars please contact Halton Police at 905-825-4747 ex. 2316.

For more information about the would-be crime, read the Toronto Star crime story here:

This Burlington crime story shows the importance of having a home alarm system, and keeping it armed even when you are home. All home alarm systems have a home mode, where motion sensors are disarmed but perimeter protection is still active. Home mode adds a level of protection, even when there are people inside the home.

Think Protection when home or away.


4 Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Car

The Toronto Star recently published an article focused on a string of recent car thefts around the city of Toronto. High-end cars like Lexus and Mercedes are being targeted throughout the city. While you can never 100% protect yourself from theft, there are certain things that can be done that will significantly lower the odds of your car being broken into. Here are a few safety tips to keep your car secure:

1. Park Indoors Whenever Possible

If you have a garage, use it. Try not to keep your car parked outdoors whenever possible. Cars parked outside have an increased risk of being broken into.

2. Don’t Leave Valuables Inside Your Parked Car

Never leave anything of value in your car when it’s parked outdoors. Burglars can easily look inside the windows of your car to see if there’s anything they would possibly want. Never tempt a burglar by leaving something of value inside. Things like laptops or golf clubs should always be brought indoors when your car is parked.

3. Use Your Emergency Brake When Parked

When you park your car, use your emergency brake and turn your wheels towards the curb. These small actions make it tougher for a would-be burglar to steal your car. When protecting your car, little things matter.

4. Never Leave Your Spare Keys In Your Car

Why should you never leave your spare keys in your car? Well, if a burglar breaks in and you’ve left your extra set of keys in the car, they can easily start the car and drive away. Let your extra set of keys inside your home in a secured hidden area. Think like a burglar and keep your valuables well hidden. Be smart and think protection at all times.

To read more about these tips and others, read the full Toronto Star story here: