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What Is Two-Way Voice Monitoring And Do I Need It?

Live two-way voice monitoring is a type of home alarm monitoring, where if the alarm is triggered a live link is established between the home and a monitored central station. At that point, the monitoring station can listen inside the house through a two-way voice speaker. They can then voice threaten the intruder out, meaning that the intruder will hear the central station operator inside the house.

This is a premium type of alarm monitoring because it provides an enhanced response, where the central station can truly understand what’s happening inside the home. Beyond that, it proves to the burglar that the alarm system is monitored and someone is, in fact, responding to the break-in.

Sounds great, right? The question is how much does this type of monitoring cost. Most alarm companies, ADT, Vivint and CPI to name a few, offer live two-way voice as an enhanced service and charge between $32/month and $60/month for it. Beyond that, each of them requires a 3-year contract to be signed for the service. Even a low-cost alarm company, like AlarmForce, still isn’t truly low cost, where they charge $25/month for two-way voice and also require a 3-year contract to be signed.

While the monitoring is a better form of monitoring, customers should be wary of paying such high monthly rates for any type of alarm monitoring. Beyond that, signing any sort of contract is never for the customers benefit, as they are then locked into paying the company for the service, even if they are unhappy with the quality of service they are receiving.

So, in conclusion, two-way voice is a superior form of monitoring, however like any purchase you should understand that costs and the contractual terms before you sign up for any service. Understand what you’re getting and the total overall price commitment you’ll be responsible for. Two-way voice is a great form of monitoring, but if it comes with a contract and high monthly rates, then maybe you should look for other options. If you can get two-way voice without a contract and those enlarged rates, then that very well may be your best choice.

What Are Three Basic Steps To Protecting Your Home?

You don’t need to turn your home into a castle to protect yourself when you are home and away. There are some basic steps you can take that will instantly help protect yourself and your family. These steps are simple, and most are basic commonsense. Here is the list of three basic steps to increasing your level of home protection:

Keep Your Front Door Locked When You Are Home And Away!

The vast majority of people lock their doors when they are going out, however when they are home they leave their front door unlocked. By leaving your front door unlocked, anyone who approaches your home can easily walk inside with minimal interruption. Whether it’s a door-to-door salesperson or a stranger, you need to make sure that their ability to enter your home is non-existent. Always keep your front door locked whenever you are home!

When Away For Long Periods of Time, Make It Seem Like Someone Is Home!

People forget that when they go away on vacations to make it seem like they are still home. There are some basic things you can do to give the general perception that someone is in your home, even when you’re away. Make sure your newspaper delivery is put on hold, get timers for your lights so lights will turn on and off daily, have a neighbor collect your mail if it’s placed outside the house or in a mailbox and lastly, if it’s winter, have a neighbor drive on your driveway if it snows, to make it seem like a car was there recently. Simple steps that make it look like someone is there, so a burglar will move on to the next home instead of breaking into yours.

Get A Home Security System!

Homes with home alarm systems are more 3 times less likely to have an attempted break-in than homes without a home alarm system. When someone tries to break into your home, the home alarm tells them they’ve been caught and to get out of the home quickly. Without a home alarm, the burglar can enter the home uninterrupted, without anyone being notified that someone is inside. Get a home security system, especially one with live two-way voice security. The lawn sign and window decals alone will act as a deterrent, where a burglar will move on to a different home as opposed to risking it by trying to break into yours.