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What Is Home Automation?

Certain security companies are offering home automation services in addition to their home security offerings. We keep hearing about home automation, the ability to turn your home into a smart home. But what is home automation and smart home services?

Home automation is the ability to control certain devices in your home through your smartphone or tablet. These smart devices add functionality and an extra level of home comfort as they allow you to cater these devices to your lifestyle.

Imagine you are locked outside your home and you forgot your key. With home automation, you can log into an app on your smartphone and press a button which will open your lock remotely! Or if you’re on a road trip, you can turn off your thermostat when you leave your home and when you’re on your way home, turn the a/c up so you’ll return to a cold comfy house!

Thermostats, door locks, light switches, and garage doors are all devices that can be controlled through home automation. Plus these devices can be linked in scenes, where at the push of a button not only will your thermostat lower, but also your doors can lock and your indoor lights turn off and outdoor lights come on.

Smart technology devices can communicate with the home automation control panel through various methods, with the most common being either Z-Wave, wifi or Zigbee and can often be integrated with a home security system.

Smart technology traditionally has been expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars to turn your home into a smart home. It’s required highly skilled labor to install the smart home equipment and then complex programs to control the devices.

This is no longer the case though. With Think Protection, home automation can be added to your home alarm system for only $49.99 and then $1.99/month. The monthly charge does not change if you have multiple devices control through the Think Protection mobile app.

Think Protection’s home automation works through Z-Wave, and a large number of Z-Wave equipment can be used with the system. You can also buy a thermostat, door locks, light switches, garage door openers and modules which will let you turn on and off whatever you plug in, directly from Think Protection for an incredibly low price.

Think Protection’s home automation turns your home into a smart home at a price that can’t be beaten elsewhere. Have a great user experience at an incredibly low price. Be able to control parts of your home from anywhere in the world.

What Is ThinkFlash And Why Do You Need It?

Imagine if you were a burglar and you decided to break into a home with a home alarm system. The burglar hears a siren but continues to run through the house. But then imagine the lights inside the home start to flash. The burglar looks around. What’s going on??? He then darts outside only to see the lights outside the house flashing!

This is what happens with Think Protection’s new ThinkFlash feature.

With ThinkFlash, any z-wave lights in or outside the home will flash when your Think Protection home alarm is triggered. This is an incredible deterrent, as a burglar doesn’t want to be noticed and ThinkFlash only attention to them and the event in your home. Plus with any burglary the unexpected is fantastic, and the last thing a burglar is expecting is the lights to start flashing inside and outside the house.

First responders love ThinkFlash because the flashing lights let them know which house is having the emergency, which helps them respond faster! This is incredibly beneficial as with any emergency situation every second matter!

ThinkFlash does not require a strobe light to be installed anywhere but instead uses the z-wave lights inside your home. With actual z-wave lightbulbs or a Z-wave switch, we can turn any pot lights or lights in your home into ones that can be controlled through ThinkFlash.

Plus any lights outside the house can be used with ThinkFlash when replaced with z-wave bulbs. You can either get these z-wave bulbs and switches from Think Protection or we can use z-wave devices you purchase elsewhere.

ThinkFlash comes standard in all of Think Protection’s home automation systems, which can be added to your Think Protection home alarm for only $49.99/upfront and then just $1.99/month (plus the upfront cost of each z-wave lightbulb or switch).

ThinkFlash is truly one of a kind and will provide an increased level of protection to your home and family. Get ThinkFlash added to your Think Protection home alarm system today!


How Does Smart Home Technology Help Realtors?

Smart home technology is the newest thing in home security, allowing the homeowner to control various parts of their home through their smartphone or tablet. Things like opening door locks, control a thermostat and adjusting lights can all be done through smart home technology.

The beauty of smart home technology is that this enhanced experience is perceived as very expensive. While with the vast majority of home alarm companies this is true, at Think Protection it’s actually very affordable, costing only $49.99/upfront and just $1.99/month added to our regular home alarm monitoring price of $12.99/month.

A smart home is a fantastic grouping of features to add to any home that someone is thinking of selling. Turning your front door lock into one that can be controlled through your smartphone instantly turns the home into a more desirable address as it now has cutting edge technology! While these features are incredibly affordable, would be home buyers will be wowed by the incredible abilities and will want to pay a premium for it. Smart home turns old houses into modern homes.

Instantly add to the wow factor of the house by incorporating smart home. The goal of any realtor is to sell the home for as much money as possible, and smart home technology will instantly add to the desirability of the home. Get the price you’re looking for on the market by installing all the latest smart home solutions from Think Protection!

All Think Protection home automation solutions are easy to install and are priced where each piece of equipment is lower than if you bought them at Home Depot. And if you already have a smart thermostat or door lock, if it has Z-Wave technology in it, then it’ll work with our system!

To get more information on smart home solutions, call Think Protection at 1-855-76-Think (1-855-768-4465)!

Hardwired vs. Wireless Alarm Systems: Which Is Best?

The thought in home security used to be that in order to adequately protect your home you needed a hardwired alarm system. Only a hardwire alarm system could provide the highest level of protection because wireless alarm systems didn’t have the capability to reach far enough and do all the features that a hardwire system could do. While that statement is debatable, the truth is that now more than ever wireless home alarm systems can do everything that a hardwire system can do, and more.

Wireless home alarm systems have the reach to match any hardwire security system. Through RF signals, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Z-Wave, wireless systems can do virtually everything a hardwired alarm could do. Whether it’s full home automation or just traditional alarm services, a wireless system can rival any hardwired system.

The capabilities of Bluetooth LE are endless. A wireless alarm system with Bluetooth LE could cover a home larger than 10,000 sq feet. Think about that. Years ago that would be a pipe dream, but now it’s fact.

New home builders like installing a hardwired alarm system because they believe that it’s an added selling feature. The truth is that the hardwired system that’s being installed may, in fact, limit what you can do inside the home with your alarm system. Beyond that with a hardwired system, you’ll need an installer to come to your home for all service issues, where instead with a wireless system you can do much of the work yourself.

When comparing a hardwired system and a wireless system, always choose the wireless. The installation is quicker and easier, there won’t be any drilling inside your home, service is much easier and the security and home automation capabilities are endless.


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