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3 Reasons Homeowners Should Add Home Automation

Home automation is an incredible service that can be added to your home alarm system. What exactly is it? It is the ability to control certain elements of your house remotely. This is done through your smartphone or tablet. Home automation turns any home into a smart...

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Amazon Echo Now Works With Think Protection

Good news! If you have an Amazon Echo, you can now use your Think Protection alarm system with it! Our systems are completely compatible! In just a few minutes, you can get your Think Protection system working alongside Alexa! By talking to Alexa, you'll be able to...

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What Is Home Automation?

Certain security companies are offering home automation services in addition to their home security offerings. We keep hearing about home automation, the ability to turn your home into a smart home. But what is home automation and smart home services? Home automation...

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4 Reasons You’ll Love The Think Protection Mobile App

With every Think Protection home alarm system, access to the mobile app is included FREE. The app is easy to use and feature-rich, giving our customers the absolute experience while receiving state of the art home security. Here are 4 reasons why our smartphone app...

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What Is ThinkFlash And Why Do You Need It?

Imagine if you were a burglar and you decided to break into a home with a home alarm system. The burglar hears a siren but continues to run through the house. But then imagine the lights inside the home start to flash. The burglar looks around. What's going on??? He...

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3 Amazing Features of The Think Protection Mobile App

Every Think Protection home alarm system comes with access to our mobile app free of charge. The app is available on both Android and iPhones. The app is feature rich, allowing you to do things not available through most other home alarm company's mobile apps. With...

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Which Features Come In Think Protection’s Free App?

Every Think Protection home alarm system comes with the ability to access the Think Protection app on your smartphone. This app is completely free to download and is available on all major phone platforms. The app offers an unparalleled level of convenience and...

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How Does Smart Home Technology Help Realtors?

Smart home technology is the newest thing in home security, allowing the homeowner to control various parts of their home through their smartphone or tablet. Things like opening door locks, control a thermostat and adjusting lights can all be done through smart home...

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