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Home Security Monitoring Services

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Think Protection has different types of home alarm system monitoring services including Broadband, Cellular, Two-Way Voice and Text Messaging.


Think Protection’s home security systems are monitored through the premise’s internet connection. Secure, stable and reliable, your home’s Internet sends a signal to our 5-Diamond Central Station when an alarm signals inside your home. This method of home protection is highly reliable and is available for only $12.99 per month, with no annual contract.


Want an additional level of home security? Think Protection also provides cellular monitoring. If your alarm is triggered, a cellular link is established between your home and our 5-Diamond Central Station. This cellular signal is perfect if your home does not have Internet or if you want a second method of home protection. Cellular back-up costs $99.99 upfront and just $3.99 a month, with no annual contract required.

Text Messaging

With all Think Protection home alarms, you have the ability to get text message notifications if your home alarm is triggered. Being able to know instantly through your smartphone if your alarm is tripped provides great peace of mind. Text message notifications are included with your Think Protection home alarm for free.

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