$12.99/mo. No Contract
The Most Advanced Home Alarm System Available


It’s time to get your ThinkPro 1 System up and running!

Thank you for purchasing your Think Protection ThinkPro 1 home alarm system!

The installation of your cutting edge ThinkPro 1 base package will take approximately 15-20 minutes and will require no drilling. Installation instructions for your system were included in your Think Protection box.

Your ThinkPro 1 base unit comes with the ThinkPro 1 Base Station, 1 door contact, 1 motion detector and another piece or equipment (2nd door contact, 2nd motion detector or a pinpad). If you ordered additional pieces of equipment, they too will be included in your Think Protection box. Also in your box is a lawn sign and post, along with multiple window decals.

Below is a how-to video to assist with the installation of your ThinkPro 1 system. However, we recommend that when you are ready to install your system, you call Think Protection’s Installation Department at 1-855-76-THINK, so one of our Installation Experts can assist you over the phone.

Thanks again for joining the Think Protection family! Now, let’s get your ThinkPro 1 system installed!


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