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Think Protection was founded February 2015 by Joel Matlin and Adam Matlin.

While the company may be new, the team at Think Protection has extensive history in the home security field. Lead by industry icon Joel Matlin, Founder of former companies AlarmForce and Frisco Bay Industries, the management team at Think Protection has over 125 years providing security to North Americans.

Our history is unparalleled and allows us to innovate the home security industry, by providing the most cutting edge technology at the lowest price available anywhere.

Think Protection is a different kind of home alarm company, providing the best security at the absolute lowest price.

Alarm companies have historically been notoriously greedy, charging high prices to their customers and locking them into multiyear contracts. If they wanted to lower their prices, their existing customers would want the lower prices as well, which would cause a rebound effect that would potentially cripple the company’s balance sheet.

From Day 1, we knew we wanted to change the home security industry. Instead of charging high prices, we decided to offer a better home security solution at a price significantly lower than our competitors. And because of their existing customers, no alarm company can come close to our prices!

The installation of a ThinkPro 1 system takes approximately 15-20 minutes and requires no drilling. If you can plug in a toaster than you can install a Think Protection ThinkPro 1 system!

The reason why Think Protection doesn’t use home alarm installers is because with the advancements in technology they just simply are no longer necessary. Technology has made home security installation so simple that anyone can do it regardless of their technological know how.

In the past alarm installers were a necessary evil as systems were complicated and hard to install. As technology advanced they were no longer needed for the installation of new systems, however with older systems in the field, alarm companies continue to be forced to use them.

By Think Protection not employing installers, we are able to provide our customers with a better-priced home security solution. Anyone, regardless of age or technical ability can install a Think Protection home alarm system. And if any assistance is needed one of our Installation Experts can help over the phone.

With superior technology and a significantly lower monthly monitoring rate, there’s no better choice to protect your home and family than Think Protection!

No, Think Protection has not and will never use door-to-door sales as a method of getting new customers! At Think Protection we have an inbound call center, where we can ensure the highest level of customer support at all times.

We strongly advise all potential customers to never trust a door-to-door salesperson.

Your ThinkPro 1 base system comes with the ThinkPro 1 control unit, one motion detector, 1 door contact and another piece of equipment of your choice (a 2nd door contact, 2nd motion detector or a pinpad). You can add additional pieces of equipment at anytime by either calling Think Protection at 1-855-76-THINK or by buying online through the Think Protection online store.

We strongly advise our customers to put their Think Protection lawn signs outside their home in a visible place. This provides a strong deterrent to would-be burglars, letting them know that your home has the most advanced security.

Houses with security systems are 3-times less likely to have a break-in, and there’s no home alarm company that burglars fear more than Think Protection!

ThinkPro 1 systems are shipped through UPS and usually take between 3-5 business days to be received. If you need your system sooner, please tell your Think Protection Sales Representative and we rush the shipment.


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